January 30, 2023

Houston Rodeo 2022 Lineup

Houston Rodeo 2022 Lineup

For years, the Houston Rodeo has been one of the biggest events in Texas. It draws about a million people every year. This year, however, the event has been delayed. There is a pandemic that has affected the Houston area. So, the rodeo was pushed back by a few weeks. Nonetheless, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are still scheduled to happen in February and March. Houston Rodeo 2022 Lineup

The rodeo will be held at NRG Stadium in Houston. Aside from the live concerts, there will also be a variety of pre-rodeo shows. Moreover, there will be a barbecue and auction for attendees. The first part of the rodeo will be a special opening day celebration.

For this year's rodeo, a variety of performers from all walks of life will be performing. The lineup includes thirteen country acts. Some of the performers are Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Sam Hunt, Gwen Stefani, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and more. They will also be joined by rappers like Lil' Flip, Slim Thug, and Z-Ro.

In addition to the concerts, the Houston Rodeo will have an auction and carnival. Attendees can also enjoy a variety of food and wine shows. Other events include an Armed Forces Appreciation Day, a Special Needs Event, and International Days. Also, first-place winners will be given a special opportunity to spend the day in a professional recording studio. Additionally, they will be invited to perform on the rodeo's entertainment float in the downtown rodeo parade.

If you are interested in attending the rodeo in 2022, you can find a ticket for the show. Tickets for the event start at $20, plus a $4 convenience fee. You can buy your tickets online by clicking the button below.

The star-studded line-up for the 2022 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is filled with a wide variety of performers. Several genres will be represented, including Christian, jazz, and hip-hop. While most of the performers will be from Texas, a couple will be from other states. One of the more interesting performances is the one by Parker McCollum. His music has been a big hit in the past.

Another notable performance will be the one by Cody Johnson. He will be kicking off the 21-day event on February 28, 2022. Besides the concert, the rodeo will also feature a cooking contest.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2022. The rodeo will be held at NRG Park. The opening day will also be celebrated with a special performance by Texas native Bun B. The closing night of the event will feature George Strait.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will also be hosting several special days. These include Black Heritage Day, International Days, and Armed Forces Appreciation Day. Each will feature a different theme. During Black Heritage Day, for example, there will be a special concert featuring rappers like Bun B. On International Days, there will be a celebration of the different cultures that make up the city of Houston.

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