Houston School Bus Wreck

Houston police are investigating a houston school bus wreck that killed one of its passengers and injured three others. The driver of a Buick LaSabre apparently thought another vehicle was drifting into her lane when she hit the side of the bus. The bus careened from an overpass and struck the driver's side. Police released a statement about the crash and did not charge the Buick driver. The bus was carrying five students and two teachers.

The driver of the bus has a clean driving record and was with the HISD for three years. The bus was last inspected in June. The bus has seven security cameras, which police will examine as the investigation continues. According to state data, this is the first Texas school bus crash to kill a passenger. The bus driver had a clean driving record. The bus last underwent a maintenance inspection in June. The HISD police department said the bus driver had no past traffic violations.

Police said the school bus was on its side when the car crashed into it. The bus was traveling to Furr High School, which also houses REACH Charter High School. The driver overcorrected after hitting the bus and drove over an overpass. The driver was injured, but her injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

According to news accounts, a Houston school bus wreck involved two buses. The crash occurred on Highway 127 near Old Perry Road. While one bus stopped to pick up a child, another bus struck a car parked behind the first bus. Neither bus was able to stop in time, and the car's driver was transported to a hospital. The bus driver also checked the kids' injuries, but they appear to be minor and uninjured.

The crash occurred at a busy intersection near a shopping center. The bus was en route to Furr High School, where students had been studying. It was equipped with lap seatbelts. Police say the bus had lap belts, but they were not required by state law. The crash has prompted a new round of investigation, with investigators working to determine how the accident occurred. Fortunately, the driver of the Buick did not have a criminal history, and investigators are examining video footage from the security cameras.

Despite the severity of the crash, all the students were uninjured. The driver of the bus suffered only minor injuries and was treated by a hospital. The other two students were taken by ambulance to another hospital. The bus driver suffered minor injuries and was not injured at the scene. Investigators are trying to determine what caused the wreck and whether seat belts were worn. The school district is cooperating with the investigation. At this point, no one is known for sure.