Houston Temperature

Houston Temperature

Houston, Texas has a temperate climate and a few distinct seasons. Summer temperatures are similar to tropical climates, while winters are mild and dry. However, Houston experiences a lot of rain, and its wet season is long and variable. Houston Temperature

The hottest months of the year in Houston are July and August. These months have average high temperatures of 39 and 40 deg F, respectively. While the coldest months of the year are January and February, the average high temperature in Houston is a bit lower.

Temperatures in the evenings tend to be a bit warmer, but they will only reach about 50 degrees in most locations. During the day, the daytime high will often be in the mid-60s. Despite the heat, the humidity levels can be quite high. Generally, nighttime lows in Houston will stay in the 40s.

In September, the Houston temperature usually drops to about 30degC. Winters in Houston are colder than in other southern areas, though they're not as cold as in Atlanta, South Florida, or Southern Louisiana. They tend to be on the cooler side of the spectrum, and they're warmer than in Dallas and other central areas. A typical winter in Houston has a high of 16degC and a low of 12degC.

Some years have more bay breeze and gulf breeze activity in the city, while other years have more inland air. In any case, the summers are very hot and humid. Houston has a relatively large number of thunderstorms, with many of them producing spectacular lightning shows.

Weather in Houston is prone to hurricanes, which can bring heavy rains and winds. Hurricanes are able to enter the area from the Gulf of Mexico. If they're strong enough to make landfall, they can bring heavy rain, high winds, and even floods. Usually, however, they don't affect the region, unless they're very large.

The wet season in Houston lasts from May 15 to September 20. It typically has a high of 11.3 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. Rain alone has a high probability of about 40% during this time, but it can also include mixed precipitation.

Houston's drier season lasts for a bit longer, 7.8 months. It begins on February 14 and ends on December 11, and it's characterized by more sunny days and fewer wet days.

Spring is a bit warmer than winter, but it's not as wet. Most days have average highs of 75-82degF, and nights can be slightly cool in the spring. The growing season in Houston lasts about 10 months, from February to May. Statistically, the average year contains about 160.3 "cloudy" or "partly cloudy" days.

A cold front should move through the region early Thursday morning. This should bring a few showers, but they'll be short and mild. During the afternoon, it should become dry. After the front moves through, temperatures should drop back into the mid-60s. On Friday, the lows will drop to about 40 degrees, but the high will be in the 60s.