January 31, 2023

Houston Texans Quarterback

Houston Texans Will Start a Rookie QB in 2014

Having a young team with a lot of assets, the Houston Texans are in a good position to take a gamble on a rookie quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft. The team has ample cap space to pursue a veteran passer or trade for a veteran quarterback. However, it is likely that the Texans will have to start a rookie quarterback in 2014. Houston Texans Quarterback

In the future, the Texans will have the option of signing a veteran quarterback to hold the fort until a new starter can be signed. This could allow the Texans to use another first-round pick on a player they think can be a franchise quarterback.

For now, the team is looking at Davis Mills as the next quarterback in the Texans' line-up. The former Stanford third-round draft pick had a promising rookie season. He finished the season with 2,144 yards, 11 touchdowns, and an interception. While he has struggled with his passing, he has shown that he can play with a high level of consistency.

However, the Texan's offense has struggled, leading to seven straight losses and a record of 2-5. In fact, the team has a minus-6 turnover margin, which ranks 29th in the league. With a new head coach and quarterback on the way, the Texans will need to find a way to put together an offense to compete.

Last week, a rookie quarterback was thrown to the wolves. Neither Matt Schaub nor Kyle Allen made any impact in their first starts of the season. Tracy Allen has had five turnovers over the last two weeks. Meanwhile, Matt Schaub has a pedestrian quarterback rating of 77.7, completing 662 yards and throwing two interceptions.

Another rookie quarterback to watch is Davis Mills. Mills has been benched for two games in favor of rookie Kyle Allen. Despite having an injury-plagued 2022 season, the former third-round pick showed some promise. As a rookie, he had an impressive 46.1 passer rating, completing 61.9 percent of his passes and throwing 11 touchdowns.

Although Mills is a promising prospect, he hasn't played like a true NFL quarterback yet. His completion percentage is a touch lower, he has been sacked four times and his quarterback rating has been lower than his completion percentage. If the Texans decide to keep Mills, the young quarterback should be prepared to do his part to carry the team.

One of the top quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft is Alabama's, Bryce Young. While Young does not have plenty of sizes, he has a good arm and he has good mobility. Moreover, he has one start in the NFL.

Another potential NFL passer is Ohio State's, C.J. Stroud. Stroud has a 6-3, 215-pound frame, which makes him a prototypical passer. Nevertheless, Stroud has found success in Ryan Day's offense, finishing fourth in the Heisman voting.

Other options for the Texans are veteran quarterbacks such as Aaron Love and Derek Carr. These players are not considered a long-term answer, but they have shown flashes of potential.

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