February 7, 2023

Houston Texans Rumors

Houston Texans HC Rumors Revealed

The Houston Texans are in the midst of a rebuild, and they've already made it a priority to find a new head coach. It's a move that seems to be paying off, as the team has found a new candidate in DeMeco Ryans. Houston Texans Rumors

The former linebacker-turned-coordinator built one of the most storied defenses in NFL history during his time with San Francisco, and now he has the chance to lead the Texans in their rebuild. GM Nick Caserio and ownership were impressed with everything about Ryans during his Zoom interview last January, and the 49ers' defensive coordinator is now set for a second meeting with the Texans this week.

This is the third time the Texans have conducted an off-the-radar coaching search in the past two years (David Culley and Lovie Smith), and this time, they seem to be more committed to a candidate than they were with their other options. The Texans' HC-needy searches have meandered over the past couple of years, but this one could be different, as Ryans's were impressive from the outset.

He's also a Texans family member, as Ryans's wife, Jamila, is from Houston. This is a homecoming that will likely make it easier for the McNair family to bet on him, as he's known to be a good teammate and leader.

His name has been linked to the Texans' head coach job for quite some time now, and he's a popular choice among the coaching circuit. He's coached with a number of top teams and has been a finalist for head-coaching positions in the past.

Despite his lack of head-coaching experience, Gannon is a savvy football mind with a strong reputation for being a leader and someone who has the ability to put players in the right place at the right time. During his time with the Eagles, he was a favorite of head coach Chip Kelly and helped build a strong culture within the organization.

As a result, Gannon should be the team's choice to hire as a head coach. During his time with the Eagles, Gannon led a high-octane offense and was able to assemble a team that finished third in the league in total yards per game.

He would be an excellent fit in the NFL with his ability to lead a young, fast-paced offense, and he'd be a perfect addition to the Texans' coaching staff. The Texans have been looking for a younger coach this offseason, and Gannon has the experience to help the team take the next step in their development.

The Texans are expected to bring in an assistant head coach soon, as they're still conducting interviews for the position. Several names have been mentioned, including the 49ers' passing game coordinator Bobby Slowik, and Bengals wide receivers coach Troy Walters.

It's a lot of competition for the Texans' top position, and Ryan will want to make sure he has a solid coaching staff around him. A number of candidates have been mentioned, but a handful of coaches have caught the attention of Ryans over the past few weeks.

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