February 1, 2023

Houston Texans Score

Houston Texans Vs Jacksonville Jaguars Predictions

The Houston Texans have been one of the more underrated teams in the NFL over the past decade. They have a great combination of talent on both sides of the ball and a versatile offense that can adapt to just about any team in the league. Houston Texans Score

This season has been tough to watch for the Texans, but they still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. They could even finish with a winning record, and if Deshaun Watson stays healthy, they have a shot at the AFC South title.

They have been able to keep their opponents to a low total score for most of the year, which is what they have needed to win. Whether they can get their running game going again or find a receiver that can make an impact on the sidelines is another question, but the team seems to have a good grasp of how to play against any defense.

Despite having a young quarterback in Jeff Driskel, Houston has not been able to get anything out of him so far. He has thrown for just 205 yards and two touchdowns in 16 games this season, which isn’t very good.

In addition to the Texans’ poor running game, they have a bad offensive line and aging wide receivers like Randall Cobb and Andre Roberts. If they can’t fix these issues, they’ll likely continue to be a low-scoring team with little to no hope of making the playoffs.

Their quarterbacks are also not very talented. Especially when they are not playing in their home stadium, which is why Houston has been unable to get much done over the last few weeks.

The Texans will need to be more creative against Jacksonville. They will need to put the pressure on and spread the field. The Texans have been struggling with this lately, so a victory against Jacksonville will be much needed.

They will also need to keep their defense off of the field too. This was a big problem for them this season, as they were 27th in the league in points allowed per game (29).

On the other hand, the Jaguars have been putting up some impressive numbers on both sides of the ball, as they’ve had the best run defense and passing defense in the NFL over the last two seasons. That’s why they are now the top-ranked team in the AFC South division.

Getting a win against the Jaguars will be very important for Houston, as they have lost eight straight games and haven’t been able to get anything out of their quarterbacks in that span. Hopefully, they can start to change that over the next few weeks. They have a strong enough roster that they should be able to do so, and if they can get their offense going in a timely manner, they will be able to pick up a win against a stout Jacksonville defense.

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