Houston to McAllen TX Bus

Are you looking for a way to get from Houston to McAllen? If you are, you'll find a bus to this destination quite useful. You can travel between Houston and McAllen in about seven hours 45 minutes by bus. You can even find out how much it will cost and when you should plan to board the bus. You can also look up prices on Fare trotter, which is an excellent transit app.

The best way to get cheap tickets on a bus is to book early and avoid travel rush hour. You can often find cheap bus tickets for as little as $45, so it's well worth considering it. Travel experts have compiled information about the various bus options, including cheap prices. If you'd like to save even more money, check out the following tips. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save.

The most popular way to get from Houston to McAllen is by plane. Airplanes fly between the two cities in less than an hour. The cost of a plane ticket is around 160 USD. A bus ticket from Houston to McAllen will cost about $40 and take about seven hours. However, you can also get a bus ticket from McAllen to Houston for $40, which is not bad for just 302 miles.