Houston Uber Office

In February 2014, Uber began operating in Houston, Texas. The company hinted at plans to expand its food-delivery service, UberEats, to the market. Uber Houston employees work in marketing, driver operations, and administration. They typically have post-graduate degrees and backgrounds in technology, marketing, and finance. The Houston Uber office is a diverse place, with nearly 50% of the team being women. Employees speak at least 10 languages and have lived in nine countries, which makes the office a particularly diverse environment.

The Houston market is a particularly attractive one for ride-sharing services. The city is home to the state's largest concentration of impaired drivers. For that reason, it has partnered with alcohol retailers to increase their use of ride-sharing services. It hopes to reach 500,000 people in the Houston area through the promotion of Uber. The grant, which comes at an unprecedented rate, will support a city that has the highest percentage of impaired-driving deaths.

While there are a variety of insurance coverage options available to drivers and passengers, many people choose Uber as the easiest way to save money on transportation. The company offers a range of coverage options, so finding a plan that works for you can be simple. An Uber insurance policy can cover almost any medical expense, if it is needed. But you must make sure to read your policy before you use Uber services. If you are injured in an accident caused by an Uber car, you can file a claim to get the compensation you need.