January 16, 2023

Houston Weather

Houston Weather

Houston weather can be very hot and humid during the summer months. However, the winters are much cooler than those of Southern California and the rest of the country. The winters in Houston are milder than in southern Louisiana and central Florida. Houston Weather

Weather in Houston is influenced by both the wind and the water. Although the city's climate is moderate, it has been known to experience heavy rains and hurricanes. Hurricanes can bring floods, high winds, and heavy rains. In some years, these conditions can last for weeks and months. For these reasons, it is important to protect your property. Also, be sure to protect your plants.

The temperature in Houston is typically between 47 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, the temperature is usually in the mid-to-high 60s, but the nights are cool, usually falling into the low 40s. On occasion, the temperatures can drop into the upper 20s.

Snowfall in Houston is not uncommon. Snow accumulates on rooftops and elevated surfaces, but it rarely falls on the ground. It also usually melts immediately on the surface. A snowfall in the city of Houston is rare, but there have been several snowfalls in the 1990s and 2000s.

The coldest part of the year in the Houston area is January. It has an average high temperature of 64 degrees and a low temperature of 47 degrees. Winter is also the driest time of the year in the Houston area. There is a dry season that extends from September to May. This part of the year is characterized by a statistically average amount of 90.3 "clear" days, and there are about 114.5 "partly cloudy" days.

Spring in the Houston area is characterized by gradual warmth from the colder weather, with temperatures averaging about 75 degrees during the day and about 56 to 64 degrees at night. Occasionally, thunderstorms will form. Storms often bring spectacular lightning shows, and a chance of rain. Most showers will be short-lived and are more likely to occur during the morning and evening.

The wettest time of the year is the first half of June, with an average of 11.3 days with at least 0.4 inches of precipitation. The wet season is triggered by rainfall and thunderstorms. During this period, the chances of rain are higher than during the summer.

Usually, the best times to visit the Houston area are from late November through early March. During this period, the city is at its calmest. Several types of insects return to the area, and the temperature is comfortable. Rainfall can be quite heavy in the afternoons. Despite the rain, it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip into the lower 40s during the night.

If you plan on visiting the Houston area in the future, be prepared for the weather. You can find detailed information about current conditions in the local weather report. Also, be sure to check the barometric pressure, humidity, and dew point. Additionally, you can use the information provided in the report to protect your pets and plants.

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