January 27, 2023

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights is a family-friendly, fun event for the whole family to enjoy. Each year, Houston Zoo transforms into a winter wonderland of glittering trees, animals, and other holiday displays. This annual event is part of the Zoo's membership. Houston Zoo Lights

The Zoo Lights show has become one of the most popular holiday attractions in the Houston area. It is open most evenings from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. and features a number of twinkling displays, animal-themed light shows, and thousands of lights that illuminate the 55-acre park. There are also nightly performances and festive music.

Zoo Lights is an ongoing production, with new additions to the program each year. In addition to the lights, the Zoo's Illuminated Ocean features a 125-foot Infinity Tunnel of Light, which glows with sea creatures. On selected nights, Santa Claus may visit the Zoo Lights.

The Zoo's holiday lights are powered by energy-saving LED lights, which use 85% less power than incandescent bulbs. They've also recycled 12,826 pounds of holiday lights, which has helped save wildlife and the environment.

Tickets are available for purchase online. Depending on the date of your visit, tickets range from $21 to $25. Children under two can attend for free. If you're visiting the zoo with your group, it is best to keep track of your kids, as the Zoo Lights event can be overwhelming for those who are sensitive to lights.

Zoo Lights also has special offers for educators, first responders, and military personnel. For teachers and first responders, you'll receive a $3 discount on admission.

Aside from the holiday lights, the Zoo Lights event includes a free American Grill buffet and free soft drinks. You'll also get a chance to build s'mores and take pictures with Santa.

Guests who want to enjoy a stroll through the grounds can do so during the day, too. Unlike many other zoos, the Zoo does not have a separate parking lot for the event, so there is free, limited parking in Hermann Park across the street.

Tickets for the Zoo Lights event are sold separately from daytime zoo admission. To purchase, you'll need to have an advance reservation. Ticket purchases can be made online, or by phone. Most tickets are valid for one year, but there are special deals for members and students. Those who are planning to stay for the whole night should make reservations in advance.

During the event, the Zoo encourages guests to recycle old holiday lights. They've collected more than 24,000 pounds of holiday lights, which are then used in the Zoo's conservation projects.

Guests can also check out the Zoo's Holiday Grove, which features animal-themed lanterns. And don't forget to look for the Zoo Lights tree, which is 33 feet tall and lit up with color-changing lights.

Zoo Lights is a fun, educational, and unique experience that your whole family will enjoy. You can also learn about the Zoo's conservation projects, which help protect endangered species.

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