January 20, 2023

Hurricane Houston

Hurricane Harvey and Houston's Recovery

Hurricane Harvey was a huge storm that affected the Houston area and parts of the Gulf Coast in September of last year. It was the first major hurricane to hit Texas in more than a decade. It also caused billions of dollars in damage to Houston and surrounding areas. This year, a tropical storm is possible in the Houston area, but the likelihood of a hurricane is much lower. Hurricane Houston

Despite the devastation and loss that Harvey left behind, many residents of the area are still rebuilding. The city is not ready to return to normal yet, but the aftermath of the storm has created goodwill and solidarity across the region. There are thousands of families that are still undergoing repairs to their homes.

While the city is recovering, the city has to prepare for future major hurricanes. In fact, the National Weather Service has predicted an above-average hurricane season in the Atlantic. As of now, the forecast models show that the next storm to strike the Texas coastline will hit somewhere between mid-September and the end of November. With more than a million people without power, this will be a challenge for the city.

A few of the most notable aspects of the hurricane were the flooding that it caused and the amount of rainfall that it brought. Harris County Emergency Management estimates that over 1 trillion gallons of water came into the area. That's more than the state of West Virginia, and more than the ten-year average.

However, the worst of the flooding was the fact that the rainbands stalled over the Houston area, submerging a large portion of the city. By the time it was over, the area had seen some of the heaviest rainfall in its history.

On top of that, the hurricane was one of the most destructive. In the Houston area, it is estimated that more than one hundred thousand homes were damaged and more than ninety-five thousand homes were flooded. Thousands of individuals were evacuated from their homes, and millions of pounds of debris were left behind.

During the storm, the Houston Astros were unable to play at Minute Maid Park. They played a doubleheader on September 2 instead. Despite this, the team felt like it was a big step in the city's recovery.

Another hurricane-related event that had an impact on the city of Houston was the EF1 tornado that touched down near Houston. This tornado did not result in any fatalities, but it did cause minor injuries.

The hurricane may have been the biggest news in the city, but the Astros' return to the baseball field was the first official stage in the city's recovery. The team is expected to return for a second doubleheader on September 2.

The largest flood in the area's history was caused by Tropical Storm Allison. This caused some 70,000 homes to be flooded, as well as some $5 billion in damage to the city. More than thirty-one thousand residents were stranded in shelters, and the county's Emergency Management Department estimated that the city was left with more than ninety-five thousand flooded structures.

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