February 3, 2023

IEC Houston

IEC Houston Awards and Recognitions

About IEC Houston

For over a century, IEC has been at the forefront of industry advancement and education. Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or are simply looking for a new challenge, we have the right training and resources to help you reach your full potential. IEC has a strong commitment to your well-being through training and certifications, educational programs, safety, health and wellness programs, and a number of other initiatives that will improve the quality of your life. IEC Houston

IEC has an impressive list of members and is the premier networking, education, and trade association for the electrical contracting industry in the greater Houston area. Founded in 1927, IEC Houston has grown to represent over 200 of the city's top talent and a membership base of nearly 2,000 journeyman electricians and associates. The organization is a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors of America, the world's largest electrical contracting association with more than 37,000 members and affiliates in the US, Canada, and Australia. IEC is the only trade association in the industry to have earned both a Certified Member designation and an Employee Owned Business status.

The IEC - Houston Chapter is proud to present the following awards and recognitions. The most prestigious honors are presented to the members of the IEC - Houston Chapter who have achieved the highest levels of performance and accomplishment in their respective categories. The winners are recognized in a ceremony held at the IEC - Houston Chapter office in downtown Houston.

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