January 19, 2023

Ipic Houston

iPic Houston Will Open on November 6

The iPic movie theater is a brand new concept that is set to open on November 6 in Houston, Texas. This high-end theater has the goal of providing the best movie-watching experience in the city. Not only will they show first-run movies, but they also offer gourmet food. Their menu will be curated by three-time James Beard Award winner Sherry Yard. They've also developed hand-crafted cocktails from renowned mixologist Adam Seger. Ipic Houston

The theater will offer two different types of seating options: Premium and Premium Plus. Each type offers plush leather seats that recline and are fitted with pillows. They also come with a plush throw blanket. A special waiter will serve you, while you enjoy your movie. Both seating options will cost about $10 more than regular tickets. Pod seats, meanwhile, are two reclining leather seats that come with a small pillow.

To enhance your entertainment experience, IPIC is offering the "Dine-In-The-Dark" seat-side service. Customers can order their food and drink from the trays that are situated at each seat. At the touch of a button, the server will arrive to deliver the dishes. You can even purchase wine and cocktails while you're there. There's also a member's club that will give you rewards for every dollar you spend. If you want to get a jump on your membership, you can sign up for the Premium Plus option, which will give you a free Birthday ticket.

Other new features at the iPic theater include the Tanzy Express dining service, which will bring gourmet food to your table. These servers will arrive at the click of a button and will deliver food curated by chef Sherry Yard. In addition, they'll be hosting a Minecraft tournament in November. Besides this, they'll be showing the new "Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" on the weekends.

IPIC has 107 screens across the country. They also operate seven luxury restaurants. Some of these restaurants offer in-theater dining, while others are just a place to grab some appetizers or drink. Whether you're going for a casual night out with friends or a date with your loved one, the iPic theater is sure to provide an exclusive movie-watching experience.

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