Is Seismique Fun To Do In Houston?

Is Seismique Fun to Do in Houston?

Seismique is Houston's newest interactive museum. It's located in a former Bed Bath & Beyond building off of Highway 6 in West Houston. This futuristic exhibit is a unique blend of art and technology and features 40 unique galleries. The installations include projection mapping, motion tracking, augmented reality, and other state-of-the-art technology elements. Is Seismique Fun To Do In Houston?

Visitors can experience over nine million LED lights, holograms, and other stunning displays. In addition, the exhibits are powered by artificial intelligence. Many of the installations utilize motion tracking to track the movements of visitors, which brings a certain element of the exhibit to life without the need for a direct touch. A mobile app also allows guests to interact with the exhibit. If a guest has epilepsy, it is recommended that he or she stay away from any of the interactive elements.

There are 40 unique galleries at Seismique, and a total of 111 projectors to power the exhibits. Unlike other museums, visitors do not need a coat check, and strollers are not permitted. For groups of 10 or more, the facility offers discounts.

Visitors will enjoy over forty unique rooms, each filled with exciting, colorful exhibits. Some of these rooms feature interactive digital games, while others are built for adults and children to engage in a new and fun way. Other rooms include the Eden room, which has three large holograms, a large, custom-painted tree, and ultra-violet, blacklight reactive paint.

Seismique is an immersive experience that takes the visitor on a journey into an awe-inspiring fantasy world. The exhibitions include works by over two dozen artists. You'll find a variety of unique art installations, such as a 70-foot spaceship with one million LEDs. The installation will also have a concert-quality light show. One of the largest rooms at Seismique is called The Hub. It features thrusters that drop calming bubbles. Another exhibit, the Brown Hall of Entomology, explains how insects are used in society.

In addition to the exhibitions, visitors can enjoy the facilities' restaurant. They also offer private party rentals and field trip labs. Children's groups receive special discounts. General admission tickets are $35 for adults, $25 for seniors, and $28 for kids 3-12. Tickets are available online. However, general admission tickets require a timed entry.

To see the entire Seismique exhibition, visit during the week. On weekends, you'll find that the facility is open to visitors of all ages. There are several galleries that are reserved for local Houston-based artists. These artists may be established or emerging.

For more information about Seismique, you can visit the museum's website. You can also purchase tickets for a VIP experience, which includes expedited access to specific rooms. At VIP prices, a ticket to the exhibitions is included in the price.

Sismique is a one-of-a-kind art display, and it's off the beaten path of the Texas Bucket List. If you are looking for something new, this is a must-see attraction. Whether you are visiting Houston or a neighboring city, you will not want to miss this immersive, innovative art museum.