January 27, 2023

Joel Houston

Joel Houston - Hillsong's Creative Director

Aside from being a musician and worship leader, Joel Houston is also a spiritual guide to celebrities. He has appeared in various publicity materials, and he is also a friend of Justin Bieber. Known for his witty lyric style, Joel is considered to be one of the top Christian worship leaders in the world. Joel Houston

As a songwriter, Joel has produced songs that have been anthems for millions around the globe. His music has also been played at Hillsong Churches in different countries. Although he is still active in his native Australia, he and his wife Esther live in California. One can hear Joel's songs from his live performances and on his albums.

Joel's name might not be as well known as his father Brian, but he is in line to inherit the Hillsong empire. He is responsible for the global expansion of the Pentecostal megachurch. Since 2010, Joel has been co-pastor of Hillsong NYC with Carl Lentz. Besides the church, he is also a guitarist and singer for the worship band, Hillsong United.

In addition to being a good guitar player, Joel Houston is also a good songwriter. For example, his "Silent Bob and Jay" song has been played by millions of people around the world. Also, the Hillsong Church that he founded in Sydney, Australia, is a rock concert-sized crowd every week. The congregation also attracts a wide range of high-profile supporters including Parramatta Eels players.

Another interesting aspect of Joel Houston is his role in bringing the gospel to those in faraway lands. As the creative director of the music brand, Joel is tasked with fostering international growth for the Hillsong Church.

The name of the game is to encourage people to rediscover the joy of following Christ. On his website, Joel says his mission in life is to help people find hope and salvation in Christ. This is done through Hillsong's music, and through various charity organizations. Currently, he is touring with Chris Tomlin.

Joel Houston's role at Hillsong might be the smallest of the lot, but he has been tasked with the largest of them all. He has been instrumental in the creation of the Hillsong United website, the most comprehensive website of its kind. It is a hub for all things Hillsong. Other sites include a blog, a social media page, and an e-commerce site. All of the content is free to the public. There are also a few free downloads.

Amongst the many things that Joel and Esther do is play with designer labels. They have an appreciation for finely made products, and they regularly share images of their labels on social media. However, their Instagram account was recently wiped.

Another important aspect of the Joel Houston and Esther Houston story is their charitable endeavors. Besides their musical prowess, they have started several charities, such as the Colour Sisterhood, a global women's movement. Several of the proceeds from their music have been donated to help victims of human trafficking.

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