January 31, 2023

Lake Houston

Recreation in Lake Houston

Lake Houston is a man-made reservoir that provides drinking water for the city of Houston. It is located on the San Jacinto River and has a surface area of 11,854 acres. The lake is home to many species of fish. Lake Houston

When the lake is filled, its water volume increases to 160,000 acre-feet. As a result, there are several areas to explore for swimming, boating, and other activities. One public access point is at the Lake Houston Marina. Another access point is Duessen Park. In addition to swimming, you can also fish. Various fishing tournaments are held in the summer. Some species you can catch in the lake include bluegill, carp, and tilapia.

There is a community organization called the Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation. This nonprofit organization works with the City of Houston to promote Lake Houston and other recreational opportunities. They organize events and work with Texas Parks and Wildlife to promote other Lake Houston projects.

There are also a number of parks and recreational areas around the Lake Houston area. You can find a few master-planned communities ringing the mocha-colored waters of the lake. These subdivisions are home to hundreds of cafes, retail stores, and other businesses. A few museums are also available.

During the summer months, it is very hot in Houston. Fortunately, the surrounding lakes provide a cooling source. For instance, the Arboretum Lake, part of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, is a great destination. With miles of hiking and walking trails, you can learn about the Texas flora and fauna.

If you don't want to swim, you can rent kayaks or canoes. You can also rent R/C sailboats. These boats can be used for 15 minutes for $5. Four-wheelers can also be rented. However, they are known to cause erosion on the lake's shoreline. Also, they can destabilize real sandy banks.

Although the Lake Houston area is relatively undiscovered, it is home to hundreds of cafes, retail stores, hotels, and other businesses. Residents can enjoy swimming in the lake, boating, or even skiing. To add to the list of recreational opportunities, the city of Houston has a water treatment plant at the eastern side of the lake.

Water quality in the lake is monitored by the city's Department of Health. Data is recorded hourly and provides real-time information about the lake's temperature, conductance, dissolved oxygen, and pH. Silt, runoff, and other substances may be pushed into the lake due to a variety of reasons.

Lake Houston was built about 50 years ago to supply drinking water to the city. Over time, the silt has caused the capacity of the lake to decrease by approximately 16 percent. However, city officials say that they are not concerned with the loss of capacity.

Although Lake Houston is a major source of drinking water for the city of Houston, it is not well-known. Those who live near the lake complain about an encroaching civilization. But, fortunately, there is a growing brewery scene in the region.

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