Lax To Houston

Shuttle Service From LAX to Houston

The distance between Los Angeles and Houston is more than 2219 km or 1488 miles. There are a handful of airlines servicing the two cities including American, Delta, United, and Southwest. Flights to Houston take approximately three hours and 15 minutes. Fortunately, there is a shuttle service from LAX to Houston's central terminal. If you have a car and a sense of direction, the ten-minute drive to the smog-smothered city center should not be a chore. In addition to the metroplex, Houston is a foodie's delight with close to 500 top-notch Tex-Mex restaurants. It's not surprising that a slew of foodies are descending on the Texas town in the coming months. Whether or not you're into the culinary scene, the city has an array of attractions and activities spanning from the world's largest outdoor mall to the city's most prestigious sporting event. This, coupled with a relatively low cost of living, makes Houston one of the top places to live, work and play. Lax To Houston