January 26, 2023

Lotus Seafood Houston

Lotus Seafood is a Houston Staple

Lotus Seafood has been serving up Louisiana-style seafood dishes for over 16 years. A staple in the Houston food scene, the restaurant has expanded to five locations, including two in Pearland and one in Stafford. The restaurant serves up an array of delicious, boiled, and fried seafood. They also offer seafood-spiked rice and noodles. Lotus Seafood Houston

While Lotus Seafood has been around for a while, they have made some major improvements in the last few years. For example, they have moved from their original location on Braeswood Boulevard to a larger, 6,000-square-foot space at 9531 Southwest Freeway and Bissonnet Street. This location includes a bar area and a patio.

The Lotus name has become synonymous with quality fried seafood, and their signature Crack Sauce is a must-try. Lotus owners describe the sauce as butter garlic with signature spices. It's the star of their Loud Packs, which feature a combination of peeled shrimp and fried rice.

Lotus Seafood has a small but devoted following. In fact, the restaurant has an Instagram account with over 500,000 followers. Those lucky enough to be able to get a seat in the Lotus have the chance to win free seafood for a year. On a similar note, a new deal was introduced to celebrate National French Fried Shrimp Day on December 21st. You can score a $5 popcorn shrimp and fries for a limited time.

Another way to impress your dinner guests is with an ice-cold Lotus Rum Punch. Their rum punch is made with tropical juices, and it's served in a bucket. There are a few other rum punches on the menu, too.

To find out exactly what's on the menu at your nearest Lotus location, visit their website. Each location offers a different selection of fried and boiled seafood, along with a variety of Cajun-themed sides, appetizers, and desserts. Some favorites include shrimp tacos, chicken wings, and lo-mein noodles. Whether it's a casual lunch or a family dinner, the Lotus has something to please everyone.

Other menu items include a special salad, a cajun-inspired "hot box," and fried seafood platters. While the Lotus name is not mentioned in every article and every article lists them, there is no question about the brand's dedication to great seafood.

One of the coolest things about Lotus Seafood is its gift card option, a clever tidbit that allows you to send funds to any Lotus restaurant of your choice. While it might seem a little weird to send an online gift to a restaurant you've been to before, it's actually a smart move. Rather than mailing a traditional gift certificate, you can choose to send a gift in the form of a personalized greeting card.

While Lotus Seafood does not offer much in the way of dining room space, they do have a large parking lot. If you're looking for a seafood restaurant to catch up with friends, this could be the best option for you. However, if you want to order your favorite dish, you may have to wait a few hours.

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