Lucky Land Houston

Lucky Land in Houston

If you have a passion for all things Asian you can't go wrong at Lucky Land in Houston. The park is a great family-friendly destination. You can expect to see the usual suspects - kung fu fighters and tee ballers aplenty. There are also special events to look out for, including the Lucky Land Grand Festival, a celebration of all things Asian. For the uninitiated, it's a great place to experience a unique and immersive cultural experience. Lucky Land Houston

The terra-cotta army is one of the more famous displays at Lucky Land. These miniature soldiers once manned a 6,000-man-strong army at the fabled Forbidden Gardens, which once served as the center of Chinese culture in the Houston area. They're the last vestiges of an otherwise storied tradition. Unlike other terra-cotta artifacts, however, the soldiers are made of more durable material. Aside from the soldiers themselves, the area includes several concession stands and shops selling mementos of their Chinese counterparts.

Lucky Land is not a cheap day out, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to make the experience worthwhile. One of the more interesting is the Mooves at the Museum, a free, self-guided tour of the museum's collection of ancient artifacts. Some of the best exhibits are the ones that are most interactive, such as the Museum of the Chinese Empire, which showcases artifacts from China's golden age. While you're at the museum, don't forget to pay a visit to the Sunny Flea Market, a quirky yet fascinating antique shop. And for those whose wallets are a bit on the smaller side, there's the Lumen, which offers spacious studio and luxury suite floor plans, complete with private pools and grilling areas, plus the option of pet-friendly apartments.

Lucky Land has a little bit of everything, from whimsical sculpted displays to impressively themed gardens. It also has the largest terra-cotta statues in the country and the only IMAX theater in the Houston area. When you're done taking in the sights, you can enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants located in the adjacent Lucky Land Hotel. From there, you can head over to Lucky Land Park to get your fill of the aforementioned kung fu. Besides its main attraction, the aforementioned hotel offers other worthy attractions, including the Lucky Land Cafe, an all-day cafe specializing in Asian fare. With the aforementioned amenities and a well-researched itinerary, a visit to this quaint oasis is an excellent way to spend a day in Houston. Whether you are looking to celebrate the lunar new year or you just want to experience all that Lone Star State has to offer, it's well worth the trip.