June 1, 2022

Motorcycle Accident Yesterday Houston

motorcycle accident yesterday houston

A motorcycle accident occurred in Houston overnight, killing a 47-year-old man. Police received a call about the crash at about 12:45 a.m. Friday. The motorcyclist had been traveling northbound on I-45 North near Gulf Bank Road when he hit the back of a silver Porsche Boxster. Paramedics pronounced the victim dead at the scene. The driver of the Boxster was not injured and was later cleared of DUI.

Many drivers in Houston fail to slow down or avoid collisions altogether. Motorcycle riders have little time to react to other drivers' actions, so a crash is a possibility if a car speeds by. Speeding also reduces reaction times. Statistics show that almost one-third of all motorcycle accidents in Houston involve speeding. Speeding motorcycles have a reduced reaction time, so drivers surrounding the biker may not notice the motorcycle until it's too late.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said a motorcycle crash in east Houston killed one person. Details are limited due to an ongoing investigation. Officials said the crash occurred on U.S. 90 eastbound near FM 2100. As of writing, no other details were released. The victims of the crash include a motorcycle rider and the driver of the other vehicle. At least one of the drivers was killed, but no one has been charged.  Personal Injury car accident attorneys

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A motorcycle accident can be devastating, leaving a rider with severe injuries. Broken bones can range from a slight fracture to a complete break of a bone. The resulting injuries may require expensive medical treatment and surgery. In some cases, a fractured bone may require amputation. In such cases, the Houston motorcycle accident lawyer you choose can help you recover the damages you are entitled to. You deserve compensation for your injuries, so don't let the other party take advantage of your vulnerability.

Another cause of motorcycle accidents is distracted drivers. Distracted drivers often fail to recognize motorcycle riders and are distracted. AAA reported that 60 percent of all accidents involve driver distraction. Distracted behavior can range from adjusting the volume of music on their cell phones to texting. Despite their lack of protection, motorcycles often fit into the driver's blind spot. The result is catastrophic injuries. A wrongful death lawsuit could be appropriate. The victim of a motorcycle accident should seek compensation for the death or disability they suffered.

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