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Founded in 1937, the Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Texas and the third largest in the United States. Although it was initially a morning-only newspaper, the paper became a full-fledged daily in 1995. Today, the paper has a circulation of more than 200,000, making it the city's most widely distributed publication.

Aside from its extensive coverage of the city, the Houston Chronicle has long been a strong force in the political arena. Having its name changed from the Houston Post in 1995, the paper has become a leader in local politics. During the last several years, the paper has made a number of bold moves, including switching from a morning-only publication to a full-fledged daily and launching a multimedia ad campaign.

There is also the Goodfellows program, a non-profit corporation that provides toys to needy children during the winter holidays. This program has grown into a citywide program that has partnered with organizations such as the Red Cross, the City of Houston, the Houston Police Department, and others. As of December 2016, the organization had provided toys to over a hundred thousand needy children across the Greater Houston area.

Another notable program is Houston Public Media, a series of TV and radio shows and podcasts created by the University of Houston. Each show, which is available online, features a topic of interest to the general public. Some of these topics include the latest happenings on campus, information on UH's human resources programs, and more.

Other noteworthy programs have included the Mayor's Commission on Gun Violence's second report. This report outlines a plan to improve the city's streets. Also, the City of Houston Municipal Courts announced the launch of its Spring Fresh Amnesty Program, which will provide an opportunity for Texans to clear their criminal records.

Several other notable programs have been launched by the City of Houston, including the ParkHouston initiative. This program, which is run by the city's division of city administration, is partnering with Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab, and more. Designed to promote livability, the project will offer residents of Houston affordable housing and public transportation options.

Similarly, the Houston-Galveston Area Action Council has presented Mayor Sylvester Turner with its Our Great Region Award. At the same time, the mayor has teamed up with the Houston Professional Fire Fighters' Association Local 341 and the Houston Relief Hub to form the Complete Communities Improvement Fund. With these projects, the City of Houston is leveraging its assets to attract development.

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