February 6, 2023

Nobies Houston

Nobie's in Houston

Nobie's, named for Chef Martin Stayer’s grandmother, melds the elevated food from restaurants like Chicago's L20 and Moto that molded him early in his career with a casual experience at an affordable price point. It's the kind of New American cuisine that focuses on sourcing local ingredients while incorporating cultural flavors and traditions into dishes that are familiar yet unique to Nobie’s. Nobies Houston

The menu is divided into snackable items, shareable plates, and entrees, with a number of larger dishes that are best enjoyed with others. Nobie’s also offers an impressive selection of wines, beers, and spirits, with plenty of options to please the more adventurous drinker.

It’s not just the food that’s worth visiting here, but also the ambiance. The restaurant is designed as a 1930s bungalow with a gorgeous front porch and wooden awning to shield diners from the sun. A long bar divides the two main dining rooms and a patio is lined with string lights, tiki mugs, and a humble garden of herbs, mints, and fruit saplings.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Montrose, Nobie’s has an idyllic feel that's as refreshing as it is delicious. Located in the former Au Petit Paris space, the bar is a cozy and intimate spot where you’ll feel welcome to share a few drinks and enjoy a delicious meal while listening to vinyl records or custom mix tapes.

When it comes to the cocktail program, Nobie’s is on a mission to make rum-based libations accessible without sacrificing flavor or authenticity. Using a variety of liquors and a few low-ABV options, Troxell will focus on using fresh juices, shrubs, and homemade liqueurs to create innovative and unique cocktails that transport you from the streets of Montrose to the beach in Maui.

Tiki-inspired cocktails will be the show's star here, but there are plenty of classic mixed drinks and spirits to choose from. Expect drinks served in vintage tiki mugs or fun glassware that features unique garnishes.

The kitchen is led by chef de cuisine Ben Ruiz, who offers an exciting array of appetizers and full-sized entrees to pair with the libations. A few standouts include the Eggplant in Vadouvan curry and marinated cucumber salad, which are sure to please.

Guests will also find an interesting wine and beer list, curated by sommelier Sara Stayer. Her favorites focus on bitter and floral IPAs as well as easy-drinking lagers that complement the menu’s tropically inspired concoctions.

Nobie’s is an intimate tiki-inspired restaurant with a patio and a vinyl soundtrack from the '70s, which makes it a perfect spot to unwind with friends. The team behind Nobie's has a passion for all things tiki, and they’re ready to share their enthusiasm with Houstonians at the Toasted Coconut.

Tiki-themed restaurant and bar with tropical beach influences, The Toasted Coconut is the second concept from Nobie’s owners Sara and Martin Stayer, helmed by award-winning bar director Sarah Troxell. Opening in spring 2019 at 1617 Richmond Ave., The Toasted Coconut will evoke the islands' spirit with a sunny 1,500-square-foot patio and tropically inspired cocktails created by Troxell.

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