January 31, 2023

Nomad Houston

Casa Nomad in Houston's M-K-T Heights

Casa Nomad is a slick new Tulum-themed restaurant and lounge. Located in the heart of M-K-T Heights, the brainchild of the minds behind Wicklow Heights, the place is set to make a splash in the Houston dining scene. The stylish, modern space has a sleek design, lush tropical vegetation, and a large, fully enclosed patio. Among the highlights are a colorful menu and an impressive array of tequilas. Nomad Houston

While no one is going to be swooning over a gourmet sushi plate, the menu is packed with a wide variety of choices. For appetizers, you'll find such enticing delights as roasted bone marrow with guajillo marmalade, coconut panna cotta with charred pineapple, and tuna tostadas with truffle crema. In addition to the traditional tequilas, you'll also find a good selection of local coastal Mexican dishes. And, for dessert, you'll want to try the el cenote, a fusion of tequila and elite liqueur topped with green chartreuse foam.

Besides tequila, the bar also offers a nice selection of other beverages, including a small but well-stocked wine list. But the true draw is the cocktails. This is the city's first high-end cocktail bar, and the menu has a solid collection of martinis, sangrias, and the aforementioned tequilas. You'll also find a few craft beers, as well as a good selection of nonalcoholic cocktails. To keep the party going, Casa Nomad has a full bar and a lively albeit not too loud live music scene. It's the type of nightclub that will have a crowd buzzing, and a bar that's not too intimidating, making it the perfect spot for a date or to meet up with friends.

While it's no surprise that a new Tulum-inspired restaurant would be opening, the fact that it's the latest project from the minds behind Wicklow Heights is a pleasant surprise. The concept was conceived as an alternative to the stifling Houston heat, and its stylish, airy atmosphere is doubly protected by the building's roof. Unlike most restaurants, this one is open Monday through Sunday, so you don't have to go too far for your next meal. On top of that, it's one of the few restaurants in the area that takes reservations, so you won't be left out in the cold.

Despite its somewhat tame location, the place offers a few interesting touches, including the most expensive cocktails, the best tequilas, and a small but impressive wine list. Among the notable features are a rooftop patio that provides views of the Houston skyline, and an outdoor heater to ward off the Texas weather. With its stylish decor and impressive food and drink options, this is a dining destination for locals and visitors alike.

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