February 3, 2023

North Italia Houston

North Italia in Houston's The Woodlands

North Italia is a chain that specializes in Italian cuisine with handmade pasta, pizza, and more. The restaurant has locations in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and a dozen other cities. Its newest location is in The Woodlands and opened last month. North Italia Houston

In addition to a great pizza menu, the restaurant serves small plates including Italian meatballs and calamari along with a daily Chef’s Board and salads. There’s also a wide selection of entrees including chicken pesto, Burrata Anolini, and Bolognese.

One of the best things about the restaurant is the service, which is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The staff also carries out orders quickly and efficiently.

The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable. We’ve had several meals here and haven’t been disappointed.

I like the fact that the dishes aren’t greasy and they don’t have high sugar content. We had the fig and prosciutto pizza and it was amazing. The crust was thin and chewy and the toppings were perfect. The fig and prosciutto were very well-balanced and the goat cheese was creamy.

Another dish that I liked was the spinach tortelloni. The merry little emerald pillbox hats were packed with wilted spinach and pleasantly chewy mushrooms. A dash of saba made from grape must add a light touch of honeyed sweetness and make the flavors even more pleasant.

There aren’t too many composed vegetable dishes on the menu, so this is a nice change of pace for those who enjoy them. The grilled cauliflower is a treat. It’s not just white cauliflower with purple and Romanesco broccoli, but a colorful mosaic of fractal shapes that have been grilled. A toasted breadcrumb tops the whole dish, and there’s a touch of pancetta cream and a fried egg on top for added savory appeal.

We were also impressed with the bread. A loaf of truffle bread, a favorite of ours from the nearby La Scala bakery, was sliced and served with appetizers. The crust on the pizza was thin and chewy, and it was a little less sweet than we expected.

In contrast to some chains, North Italia puts a lot of effort into its craft cocktails, such as the Sfumato (mezcal and Strega with an Italian aperitivo blend). The cocktail, which was very good, wasn’t just for fun.

The wine and beer are also very good. The selection is mostly local options and they have a lot of good bottles for a great price per ounce.

North Italia has a great wine and beer list. They offer many wines from Italy and a few local ones. They also have an interesting selection of craft beers. This is a place you’ll want to visit again and again!

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