February 7, 2023

Northwest Houston

Discover the Cosmopolitan Charm of Northwest Houston

Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Northwest Houston has plenty to offer. The region’s cosmopolitan appeal is rooted in world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping, and nightlife. Northwest Houston


Houston has one of the top restaurant scenes in the country, thanks to a long list of award-winning establishments that have earned four stars or more from every online food and drink review website. Local favorite Tony’s Italian Delicatessen topped a recent Yelp ranking for the city, but if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, you can get your fix at South African fusion eatery Peli Peli. This 2010 Click2Houston winner for Best Romantic Restaurant features avant-garde architecture, a spacious dining area, Sunday brunch, a full bar & lounge, and an outdoor patio facing the Piazza.

Museums & Art

You’ll find many of Houston’s most iconic museums in this part of town, including the Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and more. Most of these are free to visit, and most feature a mix of contemporary and traditional art.

A plethora of eclectic and quirky attractions are also worth exploring, particularly for kids. The annual Houston Rodeo is a blast for all ages, while a stop at Saint Arnold Brewery’s Garage Mahal is sure to be a hit with the family.

Street art is another way to get a taste of the local culture in Northwest Houston. You’ll find murals of all kinds adorning walls throughout the neighborhood.

For those looking to savor a bit of the outdoors, Northwest Houston offers hiking trails and bike paths that are surrounded by scenic woodlands and lush greenery. A few of the most popular hikes are Bayou Trails, Buffalo Bayou Trail, Memorial Park, and Discovery Green.

Music & Theater

After a few rough years, Houston’s arts community is re-embracing its talent. You’ll find a range of theater companies in the Downtown Theater District, and if you head to the nearby Arts District, you’ll find over 300 studios camped out at Sawyer Yards.

Art & Design

When it comes to the visual arts, Houston is known for its quirky flair. The city’s obsession with the wacky art-on-wheels called “Art Cars” is well documented, and you can catch them rolling through the streets during the annual Art Car Parade. Other places to see these colorful creations include the Biscuit Paint Wall in Westheimer and 150+ mini murals scattered around town.

Several of the city’s major parks also host special events, like the Texas Jazz Festival and the Houston International Film Festival. The Houston Zoo and Miller Outdoor Theatre are other must-sees, as is Hermann Park.

The Museum District — where you’ll find 19 museums and several free-to-the-public options — is another great spot to explore the city’s culture. You can stroll through the galleries at the Menil Collection, admire a Dan Flavin installation at Richmond Hall, or spend some quiet time in the spiritual and open-to-all-faiths Rothko Chapel.

A trip to Northwest Houston would be incomplete without a visit to the world-famous Menil Collection, an eye-pleasing 30-acre campus lined with live oak trees and 20th-century bungalows. Located in the heart of the city’s Museum District, the museum’s unmatched collection of works by John and Dominique de Menil is well worth the trip alone.

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