Post Office Houston

Houston's Post Office - The Post Office of the Future

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a centralized government agency that provides a number of services including mail delivery. The agency delivers almost half of all mail to and from the United States, and it is the largest retail network in the world. It is supported by revenues generated from operations, but it is not taxed. In fact, it is the only federally run agency that does not collect taxes. Fortunately, most of the services found at main post offices are also available at neighborhood branches. Post Office Houston

The United States Postal Service is also responsible for the country's most successful public art program. According to the agency, there are more than 2,800 pieces of artwork located in various locations throughout the city. Among its most popular pieces is the "Round Tree of Life" in Memorial Park. Another popular piece is the "Boatyard Garden," which includes a paved walkway and a plethora of flowers.

The Post Office of the future, or Post HTX as it is more commonly known, has undergone a transformation. The first phase of the renovation saw the completion of the redesigned post office in mid-2015, and a second phase of improvements has been underway since last fall. The Post HTX name has been changed to the aptly named POST Houston, and the site has undergone a major overhaul. One of the coolest parts of the new facility is the mail drop, a large, circular receptacle that is accessible through tunnels. As the name suggests, the mail drop is staffed by one person, which makes it a cinch to send a box over the wall or mail a letter via the feigned doorway.

Other cool things to look for at Post HTX include the aforementioned mail drop, the ilk of the old and the new, and the newly renovated and expanded Cedra Pharmacy. At Cedra Pharmacy, you can get your prescription filled with ease. Additionally, it has a nifty-looking kitchen, helmed by a Michelin chef. Several notable restaurants and eateries have already announced plans to open in the near future, but there's no telling which will come first.

The best way to get to Post HTX is to take public transit. A slew of buses and rail lines run through the downtown area, and the Houston Metro line stops just a few blocks away. Alternatively, you can opt for a cab or ride-sharing service, but make sure to double-check the price before you commit. Also, be sure to read up on the new facilities' parking and security policies, as some parking spaces are restricted to those with a prepaid pass. You may also want to call ahead, especially if you're planning on spending the day at the Post HTX.

The best post office in town has been reimagined into something a little more exciting than the drab old building it once was. Located in the heart of Midtown, this is an ideal location for newcomers and seasoned residents alike. The Post HTX's location is an ideal gateway to everything from the Houston Astrodome to Discovery Green to the Museum of Fine Arts.