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What is the legal definition of private invasion of privacy? The answer may surprise you. While most of us would consider any intrusion into our personal space as an invasion of privacy, the concept is much more complex. Depending on the context, this concept may involve a range of activities. For example, the act of showing someone videotapes of your wedding is a violation of privacy, but not necessarily an invasion of your space. It may also include the misuse of your name or identity, or even a false light about a person.

An invasion of privacy occurs when an employer invades a person's private affairs. While certain methods of invasion are illegal, most are regarded as civil rights violations. Invasion of privacy lawsuits seek to compensate the victim, and the perpetrator may also face criminal charges. Here are some of the most common types of private invasion. Here are a few examples. Invasion of privacy is often related to using a person's identity or likeness for commercial purposes, publishing their likeness without permission, or making communications without the recipient's consent.