February 3, 2023

River Oaks Houston

Living in River Oaks, Houston

River Oaks is one of Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods. This well-known community spanning over 1,100 acres is located in between The Galleria and Montrose areas. It is known as a national model of community planning and has long attracted affluent and socially prominent residents. River Oaks Houston

Home to a number of sports stars and politicians, River Oaks has become synonymous with luxury living in the area. It’s a lush, upscale neighborhood that’s also home to many of the city’s most exciting restaurants and bars.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of this opulent community, River Oaks also offers peace and quiet for those who want to escape from the bustle of urban life. The tree-lined streets are dotted with mansions, and there are many social clubs for residents to join.

Those who enjoy fine dining should check out Brasserie 19, a concept of Charles Clark and Grant Cooper, or La Griglia, an Italian eatery with inventive cuisine and attentive service. For entertainment, there’s the River Oaks Theatre, which shows indie and foreign films, as well as Rienzi, an opulent outpost of the Museum of Fine Arts that displays European paintings, miniatures, and ceramics.

For shopping, the world-renowned River Oaks Shopping Center is a favorite among River Oaks residents. Here, upscale shops and global eateries lure in shoppers with the latest fashions.

In addition to luxury retailers and restaurants, River Oaks has many renowned museums and historic parks that showcase the area’s rich history. It’s also an ideal place for those who want to take part in outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking.

The neighborhood’s proximity to the University of Houston makes it an excellent choice for students. Its location in the central loop means that students can easily access campus and get a taste of Houston’s cultural scene.

It’s also close to the Galleria, making it easy for students to shop for groceries and other necessities. The community is also in proximity to Memorial Park, which includes golf courses and hiking trails.

As for nightlife, there are a number of popular spots in the area including Pit Room and Patio Bar, and The Bistro. They’re great places to grab a drink and meet friends for a fun evening out.

Those who love to exercise can work up a sweat in the spacious fitness studio or take advantage of the numerous fitness classes that are offered at The Village of River Oaks. The community’s rooftop terrace and bistro are both perfect places to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends, while a heated indoor pool provides the opportunity to swim laps.

There are also several cozy lounges where you can gather with friends and neighbors for games or card parties. The community’s concierge is always on hand to help residents with any questions or concerns they might have.

At The Village of River Oaks, we’re committed to providing the highest standard of care for our residents. That’s why we offer a wide variety of amenities designed to support every aspect of your life, from social engagement to health and wellness.

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