January 27, 2023

Rodeo Houston Tickets

Rodeo Houston Tickets

Rodeo Houston is a family-friendly event that attracts millions of visitors each year. Located at the NRG Park in Houston, the rodeo includes entertainment, food, art, and more. It is one of the top events in the country. Rodeo Houston Tickets

For its 90th anniversary, Rodeo Houston will feature a variety of musical acts. The lineup is expected to include the return of Los Tucanes de Tijuana. Additionally, the Super Series will debut in Women's Breakaway Roping. There will be educational exhibits and shopping as well. Visitors can also take advantage of the METRORail to travel to the event from the Downtown area. Guests can ride the rails for $2.50 each way.

Tickets to the rodeo will range from $25 to $375. Season tickets are available for an additional fee. This ticket will allow guests access to the rodeo and other events. These tickets can be purchased at the gate or online. If purchasing tickets, the RodeoHouston website recommends checking the seating charts to ensure that you have a good view.

Tickets to the rodeo are sold on two waves: Wave 1 and Wave 2. Tickets for the March 10-19 shows go on sale on January 12. The Wave 2 tickets will be available for purchase starting on January 12. Onsite tickets can be purchased at the RodeoHouston box office or via the AXS Mobile ID app. Online sales will end two hours before the concert begins. Buying tickets online is a convenient and safe way to get your RodeoHouston tickets.

Some performers sell out quickly. Despite this, RodeoHouston does not specify which artists tend to be the most popular. They simply say that they are always surprised which performer sells out first. In the meantime, if you don't find the right tickets, you can always try the secondary market. One of the most trusted secondary markets is AXS. By utilizing their virtual waiting room, you can wait for a seat. You will be notified by text or email when your tickets are ready.

Whether you are a fan of country music, hip-hop, or pop, you can enjoy the Houston Rodeo. With an impressive roster of artists, you'll be able to take in the music and have fun with your family. And you'll be able to ride the rodeo rides as well.

Tickets for the Houston Rodeo are a great way to spend your weekend. You can visit NRG Park, check out the rides, and shop for a souvenir. The RodeoHouston website also offers information on car insurance. As you plan your trip, you may want to consider pre-booking parking to avoid the stress of last-minute rushes.

RodeoHouston will be a fun and innovative experience. The venue's innovative technology includes interactive exhibits and access to the stadium. Attendees can also enjoy RodeoHouston's renowned food and drinks. To make sure you can have a memorable experience, you should book your tickets in advance.

RodeoHouston will bring some of the most talented artists to Houston. While it's difficult to say which performer will sell out first, you can expect to see some of the biggest names in the business.

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