Sanders Center Texas City Tx

sanders center texas city tx

You've probably heard about the Sanders Center in Texas City, TX. It is a local community center that is primarily engaged in Government Offices - City, Village, and Town. You can find the location's phone number and hours of operation in the link provided below. You can also look up the center's coordinates and other details from its website. In addition to serving the people of Texas City, Sanders Center also has several other local business operations.

The Sanders Center is a recreation center that has been serving the people of Texas City since 1960. This community center offers a variety of entertainment events that will keep you entertained for a long time. You can take a swim in the pool while relaxing at the Sanders Center. The employees at the center can help you plan your trip and find an activity that you'll enjoy. You can also take a trip to nearby places by asking about their entertainment events and schedules. Rose Sanders law Firm