School Bus Accident in Houston Tx

school bus accident houston tx

A school bus accident in Houston, Texas, recently killed two students and injured four others. The crash occurred on a busy freeway, and the bus was headed to an alternative school for drop-outs. The bus driver overcorrected after another vehicle side-swiped her and drove over an overpass. The accident remains under investigation. The school district is cooperating with investigators to determine what caused the crash and what steps to take next.  Car Accident Lawyers

If you were not present at the scene, you may be able to collect some information from the other driver, the bus driver, and school officials. In addition, you may want to hire an attorney to file a claim. An attorney can negotiate with insurance adjusters and handle the claims process for you. You must file your claim within a strict statute of limitations. If the accident was the fault of the bus driver, you must file a lawsuit within 90 days.

In addition to obtaining a crash report, you can consult the NTSB, which publishes accident reports. This agency reviews video footage and analyzes it for possible negligence. If the bus driver is found guilty, they may face jail time. This is the first deadly school bus accident in Texas since 2008. The investigation continues. Regardless of who was at fault, the families of the victims are entitled to compensation for their losses.

The crash was also investigated by the Harris County Precinct. A life flight was called to the scene to check on the injured students. The accident caused two students to be taken to the hospital, and the bus driver was taken to a hospital via helicopter. The remaining students were released to their parents and transported by another bus. It is important to note that the school bus accident in Houston was an isolated incident. There were many other accidents involving buses in the area and the driver was not at fault. However, there are still many people who may have been injured in the accident.

A Katy ISD school bus was involved in a collision with a METRO bus in Houston. One of the buses was headed to Taylor High School and was carrying two children and two adults. A third bus was also involved. The bus operator was also injured in the crash, but there are no reports of fatalities or injuries at this time. The causes of this crash are still under investigation. In the meantime, the accident may result in significant property damage or injuries for both parties.

A school bus accident lawyer can help victims obtain the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. While school buses are usually very reliable, drivers may still make mistakes and cause accidents. In these cases, you can file a claim against the driver's insurance. If you have a child injured in a bus accident, contact a school bus accident attorney in Houston today to discuss your options.