School Bus Crash in Houston

school bus crash in houston

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the fatal school bus crash in Houston. They are trying to determine if footage from cameras installed on the bus and on the highway can reveal the cause of the accident. If so, they will file a lawsuit against the drivers and the school district. The family of one of the victims is hoping the video can provide answers to their questions. Until then, they're grateful for any information they can get.

Investigators say a Texas teacher drove her Buick LaSabre into a bus. The driver, Louisa Pacheco, had seen another vehicle drift into her lane and had attempted to avoid it. When she overcorrected, she ended up striking the bus. According to witnesses, the bus nose-dived before flipping over onto its side. Police said the driver of the Buick had no prior violations and has worked for the district for three years.  Personal Injury car accident lawyers

According to HISD, all Houston bus drivers receive 10 to 12 hours of training prior to the school year. Pacheco has no prior points and has worked for the school district for three years. The bus he was driving was also equipped with seven security cameras, which investigators are also reviewing. According to state data, the crash is the first fatal school bus accident in Texas since 2008.

The accident happened late Wednesday afternoon, and 18 students were injured. The driver of the school bus was unharmed, but the driver of the pickup truck was injured and transported to a hospital. The driver of the second bus is also expected to face charges, but it appears that he was not the only driver at fault. The school district had chartered the bus from Houston-based First Class Tours. Several other buses were also involved in the crash.

The accident occurred on the 22700 block of Kingsland Boulevard near Pickford Drive. A Katy ISD school bus collided with a Metro Houston bus. The two school buses each had students on board. The bus with the school bus had two adults and two children. One adult on board the school bus was airlifted to a hospital. Two children were taken to a different bus to campus. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.