February 3, 2023

Science Museum Houston

The Science Museum Houston is a Must-See For Enthusiasts and Enthusiasts of All Ages

One of Houston's most popular museums, the science museum Houston is home to a vast array of exhibits on astronomy, space science, Native American culture, paleontology, energy development, chemistry, and more. It also houses the Burke Baker Planetarium and Wortham IMAX Theatre, plus a dazzling variety of permanent exhibit areas, including Wiess Energy Hall, Smith Gem Vault, and Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife. Science Museum Houston

With four floors of permanent exhibitions, the museum covers a wide range of subjects that will intrigue and educate visitors of all ages. Explore the ancient world's lost civilizations, wildlife wonders, and historic revelations in the museum's four permanent exhibit halls.

Dinosaurs and fossils are a must-see in the museum's Morian Hall of Paleontology, which spans an entire football field. There's a plethora of fossils to study, including the Denversaurus and the "Wyrex" Tyrannosaurus specimen.

HMNS also has a number of special exhibitions on display. King Tut's Tomb Discovery Experience, for example, takes guests through a winding tunnel to his burial chamber. There's also a Dreher Masterworks exhibit, displaying exquisite gem carvings of plants and animals in rubies, sapphires, and other rare stones.

You can save on your visit to the museum with Houston CityPASS tickets. These tickets save you 51% on admission to HMNS and 4 other top attractions, giving you great value for your money.

The museum is located across from Hermann Park in the Museum District, and it's easily accessible by light rail and by foot. There's plenty of free parking nearby, too.

If you want to get a jump on your trip, make sure to book your tickets in advance. The museum also offers free admission on Thursdays and discounted tickets to those who qualify for the lower rate group.

For younger kids, a family member is an excellent deal and gets you access to all of the museum's permanent exhibits as well as a range of entertaining, and educational activities. You can also book a family tour and have an instructor guide you through the museum.

There are also regular workshops on the various subjects covered by the museum's exhibitions, and a variety of special events. There's even a holiday event, Trains Over Texas, where you can get a glimpse of miniature trains passing through the Lone Star State in a massive model railway.

You'll find a wide range of relics from the past in the museum's permanent collection, including pre-Columbian gold and Faberge eggs. The museum also boasts the largest dinosaur hall in North America, and there are lots of interesting exhibits that will delight young and old alike.

What's more, the science museum Houston offers several options for booking tickets online, including a self-guided ticket, an audio guide, and a guided tour. In addition, a host of discounts and voucher codes are available for those looking to save money on their visit to the museum.

In addition to its four permanent exhibitions, HMNS is home to the world's first IMAX theatre, an incredible collection of gems and minerals, and a wealth of exhibits about African and Texan wildlife. It also has an enormous library of books, videos, and other learning materials on many of the topics covered by its permanent displays. Its education department is also a great resource for teachers, with a team of experienced educators on hand to provide guidance and support.

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