January 7, 2022

Should you should call the Ambulance after a Car Accident in Texas?

An ambulance ride to the hospital is sometimes the difference between living and dying in dangerous cases. However, it can be very expensive, especially for people that do not carry health insurance coverage—If the ambulance has over 10 miles to drive to the nearest hospital? What are you going to do?

This Blog address the issue of when it is appropriate to forgo the ambulance ride to the hospital following a car accident and when you should not refuse the ambulance.

Symptoms you must be aware of

  • Dizziness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Shooting neck pain
  • Shooting back pain
  • throbbing right shoulder pain (if the driver hurt)
  • throbbing left shoulder pain (if passenger hurt)

These are certain symptoms that could indicate a grave underlying injury such as internal bleeding or hemorrhaging or herniated or budging disks that must receive immediate medical attention. Remember any unconscious party will be taken to the hospital without hesitation.

Who is going to pay my huge Ambulance Bill?

In the case that the car accident was not your fault, the other party will have to cover any associated medical bills for injuries sustained in the crash.  However, even if you’re at fault for the crash, don’t shy away from accepting a much-needed ambulance ride to the hospital if you’re physically hurt. Also, a Houston Car Accident Lawyer might be able to negotiate your ambulance bill to a lower amount; however, most ambulance companies will not negotiate their bill.

Call a Texas Car Accident Lawyer today!!!!!

An ambulance ride can be a life-saving resource. Don’t let the prospect of a large medical bill deter you from seeking the medical attention you need. Explore your legal options to find out whether you deserve financial compensation for your medical bills.

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