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Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook often host negative remarks about individuals and businesses. At Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, safeguarding our clients' privacy is paramount. We specialize in crafting thorough responses to publicity or privacy concerns to ensure your personal life remains confidential.
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Online Defamation and Social Media

Negative statements about individuals or businesses frequently surface on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When these statements contain false facts, they can amount to defamation, particularly when they are written down (known as libel). The ease of posting on social media, coupled with the lack of filters, often encourages users to share information or opinions they might refrain from sharing in more formal settings.

Similarly, comments sections on blogs or websites can also become venues for personal attacks. While many news publications have an online presence, they often lack close monitoring. Automated screening systems, designed to detect certain words or phrases, like obscenities, are not foolproof and may miss instances of defamation.

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Identifying Defamation Online

Sometimes, people argue that expressing an opinion doesn't constitute defamation. Technically, this is correct, as defamation applies only to statements of fact. However, in certain circumstances, a comment presented as an opinion can be reasonably interpreted as a statement of fact. Simply prefacing a defamatory comment with "I think" doesn't necessarily protect the speaker from liability. Before posting negative content online, it's essential to ensure you have a clear understanding of the facts. Avoid giving the impression that you possess knowledge you don't actually have but are merely assuming.

Not all negative comments carry the same risk of legal action. It's crucial to exercise caution when commenting on someone's private life or work. For instance, a defamation claim is more likely if a comment suggests someone lost their job due to sexual harassment or implies domestic violence contributed to a divorce. Conversely, posting a negative comment about someone's clothes or hairstyle on Instagram is less likely to lead to legal trouble because such statements are subjective and unlikely to damage a person's reputation.

If you find yourself in a borderline situation, it's wise to refrain from commenting. The risk is high, and the potential reward is relatively low.

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