Suing for Truck Accidents: Your Rights When Trucks are Leased

Your rights when trucks are leased: Understand how to sue for truck accidents, the complexities of leased vehicle cases, and secure your entitlements.
May 21, 2024

Serious injuries and financial hardship are common outcomes of truck accidents. Accidents involving leased trucks can make navigating the legal system for compensation even more complicated. 

Learn all about your rights when renting a truck, the responsibilities of rental truck companies, the most common kinds of accidents involving rental trucks, and why it is important for rental truck companies to be held accountable.

As an added perk of reading this blog, we will even throw in some information about how to proceed in the event of an accident involving a rental truck, as well as how much money you can potentially recover following such an incident. Whether you need help with the law or want to know your options, we are here to help.

Rose Sanders - Your rights when trucks are leased

Accidents Involving Rental Trucks: The Whole Story

Most of the time, businesses and individuals who hire truck lawyers for moving or other purposes lack the expertise of professional truck drivers. They may be unaware of the truck's blind spots, unsafe driving practices, and proper cargo loading procedures. Accidents involving rental trucks can occur due to this inexperience. The truck could back over a person, hit another vehicle's rear end, topple over, or collide with pedestrians in such an accident.

Risks Faced by Rental Truck Agencies

Federal law typically shields truck rental agencies from financial responsibility in the event of an accident involving their vehicles. This clarifies that the mere ownership of the accident-damaged truck by the rental company does not render them liable for any associated damages. 

However, accidents can happen on occasion due to the rental company's neglect or carelessness. They could face legal consequences, for instance, if they rent their trucks to individuals who do not possess valid licenses, are intoxicated, or neglect to adequately maintain the trucks.

Importance of Rental Truck Company Liability

Knowing whether the rental company can be held liable is crucial information for individuals who have been injured in accidents involving rental trucks. Most truck rental agencies have sizable insurance policies, so they can afford to pay out in the event of an accident. 

For those who have suffered life-altering injuries or disabilities as a result of the accident, this can be life-changing. Legal action against rental truck companies can provide compensation for victims' medical expenses, missed wages due to injuries sustained on the job, and emotional distress.

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Claimable Losses in Rental Mishaps

After an accident involving a rental truck, victims may be eligible for various forms of financial assistance. They have the following options when it comes to proposals:

Medical Expenses:

The total amount spent on medical care, including consultations, procedures, medications, and therapy, due to their injuries, is covered by this. For victims to get back on their feet or at least alleviate some of the burden while they heal, all of their medical bills must be covered.

Lost Earnings:

If an accident keeps a victim from working because of injuries, they can get compensation to cover their lost wages. This includes not just what they lost financially in the past, but also what they could have made if they could have kept working.

Pain and Suffering:

The victim's mental and bodily suffering as a result of the accident is compensated for here. The extent to which the accident has altered their lives is difficult to quantify, but must be acknowledged.

Emotional Distress:

After an accident, the victim may experience a wide range of emotions, such as anxiety and depression. They can receive financial assistance to assist them in coping with these emotions and obtaining the necessary support.

Future Medical Costs:

If the victim's injuries mean they'll need more medical care in the future, they can get money to cover these costs. This makes sure they'll have enough money to keep getting the help they need.

Finding an appropriate monetary amount to cover pain and suffering is not always easy. However, victims can strengthen their cases and get the compensation they rightfully deserve with the assistance of an experienced EL Paso personal injury attorney and the proper proof. Medical records, expert testimony, and testimonies from victims regarding the impact of the accident on their lives might all be part of this.

Obtaining this funding will primarily assist accident victims in getting back on their feet following the incident. To begin moving forward and putting the accident in the past, victims must assert their rights and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Important Things to Do Following an Accident Involving a Rental Truck

In order to protect yourself and your rights after an accident involving a rental truck, you must act quickly. Here's a simple guide to help you through it:

Get Medical Help First

Your health comes first. Even if you don't feel hurt right away, it's still a good idea to see a doctor quickly. Some injuries, like whiplash or internal injuries, might not show symptoms right away but could get worse later on.

Take Pictures and Notes

Keep track of what happened by taking lots of pictures of the accident scene. Capture things like damage to the vehicles, the condition of the road, any traffic signs, and anything else that might have caused the accident. Also, get contact information from any witnesses, like their names, phone numbers, and emails.

Let the Right People Know

Tell the rental truck company and your insurance company about the accident as soon as you can. Don't admit fault or give too many details until you've talked to an Houston truck accident lawyer. Just stick to the facts to avoid jeopardizing your case.

Save All Your Documents

Keep all correspondence with the rental car agency or insurance companies, as well as any documents about your health, insurance, or rental car. Things like these will be crucial down the road when it comes time to file a claim or appear in court.

Keep Quiet About the Accident

Stay away from social media and do not discuss the accident with anyone except your attorney, medical professionals, and insurance company representatives. Someone could take your casual remarks the wrong way and use them against you in the future.

Get in Touch With a Personal Injury Attorney

Consult an attorney who specializes in cases involving rental truck accidents for guidance. They will investigate the incident, brief you on your rights, and advise you on how to seek compensation. For them to provide you with the best advice, be sure to bring all the necessary paperwork and details to your meeting with them.

Find Out What You Can Do

You can discuss potential avenues for financial compensation with your attorney, such as pursuing legal action against the rental truck company or negotiating with insurance providers. If they are unable to come to a fair agreement, they may propose going to court. Achieving the best possible outcome is their top priority.

It is imperative that you follow these procedures precisely to guarantee your health and lay the groundwork for a successful settlement. Getting help from a lawyer early on can make a big difference in how things turn out.

Rose Sanders - Your rights when trucks are leased

The Law Offices of Rose Sanders Are Here To Help You

It might be difficult to deal with the legal aspects following an accident involving a rental truck. Protect yourself and get the justice you deserve by learning your rights, understanding your compensation options, and taking action following the accident. Seek the assistance of a truck accident attorney in El Paso without delay if you have suffered injuries in an accident involving a rental truck. Your rights will be protected, and your future needs will be met, because of their efforts.

Experiencing problems following an accident involving a rental truck? Turn to the Rose Sanders Law Firm! Your right to justice is our top priority, and we will stop at nothing to see that you get it. If you need help navigating the legal system, our team is here to help. Whatever your personal injury case may be—from truck accidents to others—we are here to help. For a consultation, please contact us at 713-561-5062. We are here to assist you in your journey towards recovery. If you need an attorney, do not settle for anything less than the Rose Sanders Law Firm.

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