Target Houston

Target Houston Reveals New Store Concept

Target is making a major change to the way they design its stores. They're moving from a smaller store layout to a large, open concept. This allows for more natural light and a larger variety of merchandise. In addition, it will also support the company's same-day fulfillment services. Target Houston

To do this, Target's team developed a new store concept and built a life-size model. The team then made adjustments to the concept in real-time. These changes helped them gain a foothold in the competitive two-chain market. By the early 2000s, Target was gaining ground on Wal-Mart, which had largely been the dominant player in the area.

As part of their efforts to build sustainable stores, Target has invested in improving the atmosphere for their employees. Offices have been upgraded to include comfortable furniture options and can be reconfigured to fit the needs of the entire team. Many of the stores also have solar panels installed to support the company's sustainability goals. In the future, Target plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Target will also be adding new design elements to its stores in the near future. These elements will include solar panels, EV charging ports, and more windows. Additionally, the design will incorporate elements that reflect the local culture. For example, Katy Target will have a Texas-shaped succulent garden outside the store. It will also use regionally-sourced wood in its interior design.

Another feature of the new Target concept is the ability to order items for pick-up online. Guests can place their orders through the company's app, and Uber Eats will handle the payment and delivery. Customers can also track their orders through the app. Currently, same-day fulfillment services account for about 10% of the overall sales at Target stores.

The new Target concept will allow for more exclusive brand partnerships and a curated mix of national brands and own brands. It will also offer a wider selection of merchandise, including more fashion and home goods. Lastly, the stores will support the company's "stores as hubs" strategy. That means they'll have a large assortment of merchandise, will offer same-day fulfillment services, and will serve as a hub for Target's inclusive initiatives.

Overall, the new Target concept has a much more open layout, more natural light, and a more welcoming atmosphere for guests. The company will invest in solar panels and EV charging ports, and will also provide drivers with driving directions. The design of the store will also include more windows, native landscaping, and more.

As part of their new store concept, Target will be building out a new store in the north Katy area. This location will have a full pharmacy, photo store, and grocery section, among other things. It will be located at 22165 FM 529.