Texas Chemical Plant Explosion Attorneys

texas chemical plant explosion attorneys

A Texas chemical plant explosion attorney can help you recover compensation after a catastrophic event. In such cases, attorneys are trained to fight for the rights of chemical plant victims and their families. While it may seem difficult to take on a large company in court, it is crucial to remember that a Texas personal injury lawyer will help you level the playing field. Rose Sanders is a personal injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience in chemical plant explosion cases. He has worked as an engineer at a Texas refinery and represents over one thousand plaintiffs in the KMO Crosby fire and the ITC explosion.

Texas has a large oil and gas industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people. Texas is home to some of the country's largest oil refineries, including the one in Pasadena. Refining oil in refineries is dangerous work, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has promulgated Federal laws to help protect workers from such accidents. If you have suffered a chemical plant explosion due to negligence, call a Texas plant explosion attorney today to discuss your options. Our legal team can help you determine if a Texas plant explosion lawsuit is right for you.

In Texas, there have been more than a dozen major plant explosions in the last decade. This means that you have probably experienced an explosion at a chemical plant in Houston. You know the aftereffects of an explosion, including a toxic plume of smoke, decreased air quality, and damage to homes. You can seek compensation for your losses if you or a loved one suffered serious injuries due to the BP chemical plant explosion in Texas.

Whether you were hurt during the TPC explosion or suffered a long-term illness, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and emotional suffering. An experienced Houston plant explosion attorney can help you determine the appropriate compensation for your suffering and medical bills. There are filing deadlines for workers' compensation and legal claims, so do not delay. A delay in seeking legal assistance could mean that you don't receive the benefits you need to get back on your feet.

Because of the risk of explosions in chemical plants, employers must train their employees on the hazards of the workplace. Poor training, inadequate protective equipment, and insufficient training may all lead to a chemical plant explosion. Because of this, chemical plant explosion lawsuits typically involve multiple liability claims and a complicated legal process. Often, chemical plants are the cause of toxic spills that have destroyed entire communities. If you or a loved one was hurt due to a chemical plant explosion, you may be entitled to compensation.

The cause of a plant explosion is rarely immediately obvious, but it can be traced to a wide variety of factors. Defective chemicals or equipment could lead to unexpected chemical reactions, resulting in the explosion. Often, a chemical explosion can be prevented if the plant owner or operator was careful enough to maintain its safety. The consequences of an industrial plant explosion can be devastating to workers and their families. When such a tragic event happens, it is crucial to consult a Texas chemical plant explosion attorney as soon as possible.