June 14, 2022

Texas School Bus Accident

A Texas school bus accident has left two people dead and two others seriously injured. A car struck the bus in front and it went over a guardrail. The bus driver overcorrected and lost control and landed upside down in a ditch. At this time, charges against the driver of the Buick LeSabre are unknown. The Austin ISD said the bus did not come from their district.

Various preliminary news reports have conflicting information about the bus accident. Police initially reported that seven people were injured. However, two students were released to their parents and four others were taken to the hospital. All the victims were students at the Levi Fry Intermediate School. This accident is still under investigation, but it is important to know that the school bus driver is still at fault. The school bus driver is also facing charges in connection with the accident.

Luckily, the West Texas school bus accident is still under investigation. The driver of the errant pickup truck, he has not yet been charged with any crime. The investigation is ongoing, and the police are looking for surveillance cameras along the highway or nearby. In addition, the seven security cameras that were aboard the bus are being reviewed. Whether or not the driver was impaired will depend on the results of these tests.

The bus driver was employed by the Parker County ISD for three years. He had no citations on his driving record, but the bus did have lap belts that were not worn by the victims. This is a major problem considering that they are not required for school buses. Family is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus driver and the manufacturer of the guardrail.

Whether the accident is your fault or the fault of another party, a Texas school bus accident lawyer can help you determine what the next steps are. Contact a qualified lawyer for a free consultation today. You can get the compensation you deserve by bringing a lawsuit against the responsible party. They can help you get your child back on their feet. And if you're looking for more information, contact Berenson Injury Law today.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says the bus driver failed to properly maintain the safety of passengers. However, the driver was distracted and did not follow traffic laws. The accident happened on a highway in Texas. Seatbelts are not required for school buses, so the students were at risk of falling out of their seats. Poor road conditions are another issue that can cause a bus accident. And if the accident was your fault, the school district may be held responsible by a negligent driver.

When the end of the school year approaches, many communities are reminded of the importance of school bus safety. Most Texas school bus safety laws deal with the behavior of drivers and passengers near school buses. Distracted driving is another concern, and bus drivers are now more likely to be distracted than ever. The consequences can be devastating, so it's critical to hire an attorney who understands school bus safety. If you or a loved one is hurt in a school bus accident, you deserve compensation.

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