January 30, 2023

The Heights Houston

 Living in the Heights of Houston

If you are looking for a thriving neighborhood with a variety of cultural offerings, you should consider living in The Heights. This historic district in Houston is surrounded by I-10 West and 20th Street as its northern and southern boundaries. While it is a very busy area, it remains a neighborhood that is easy to navigate. The Heights Houston

It is also a great location for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Residents can take a stroll on the leafy Heights Hike and Bike Trail, or enjoy a picnic at one of the many parks. Additionally, residents can take advantage of new bike lanes, which have connected the area to other parts of the city.

The Heights is a vibrant community that offers an eclectic mix of architectural styles, shops, restaurants, and more. Homeowners can choose from several different types of property, from charming bungalows to upscale condos. For those who are looking for a home that is close to the Medical Center and downtown, the Heights is a perfect choice.

Although the Heights is an urban area, it has the feel of a small town. You can find a mix of architectural styles, including Victorians, craftsman bungalows, and stately century-old live oaks. Many buildings have murals, which add to the character of the neighborhood.

The Heights is also known for its street art, which is painted on the walls of homes and buildings. One of the most popular places for street artists is on 19th Street. There are also several antique stores in the neighborhood.

There is a vibrant music and nightlife scene in the Heights. One of the best places to catch a live show in the city is the White Oak Music Hall. Another must-visit spot is the Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery. It features contemporary and Mexican works of art. A monthly First Saturday Arts Market is held on West 19th Street.

The Heights' housing market is booming. Over 40% of the housing options in the area are rentals and owner-occupied properties. Among those available, there are primarily detached single-family houses. Homes are generally priced at around half a million dollars.

The Heights is a great option for young professionals and families. They are within easy access to downtown, the Medical Center, and the Galleria. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor spaces and a wide array of dining options. Those who love the arts and architecture will also enjoy living in this enticing neighborhood.

The Heights also boasts a number of great shopping areas, including the Heights Mercantile. Located on the Boulevard, this store features numerous dining options and a family-friendly park across the street.

Other great dining spots in the Heights include Coltivare Pizza & Garden, Gumbo Jeaux's, and Mala Sichuan Bistro. In addition, a number of new restaurants have opened up in the area. Some of the most recent additions to the food and drink scene in the Heights include Lee Ellis' Star Fish, Mico's Hot Chicken, and Dinette.

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