January 23, 2023

The Rustic Houston

The Rustic in Houston

The Rustic is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of farm-fresh Southern cooking and offers live music seven days a week. It's located at 1836 Polk St., in Houston. The restaurant is a popular spot for a night out with friends or to have a relaxing brunch. There are over 40 craft beers on tap and a variety of cocktails. The Rustic Houston

The Rustic also has an outdoor stage where you can enjoy live performances. You can watch music acts like JB Barnett and Small Town Habit. This is an ideal location for a business lunch or to have a good time with your family. The Rustic is also a popular spot for happy hour with drinks and light snacks. In addition, the restaurant has large booth seating that is great for larger groups.

The Rustic is owned by two local restaurateurs, Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz. They wanted to bring a casual, relaxing atmosphere to the city. That's why they opened this restaurant, which has 25,000 square feet of space. The dining area is divided into an indoor portion and an outdoor section. Each space is designed to be used for different purposes.

For the outdoors, the Rustic has an expansive patio and retractable roof. It is ideal for people looking to have a great time while enjoying a glass of wine. While the restaurant does serve delicious food, it also provides a large selection of craft beers and spirits. Guests can also enjoy a variety of home-style dishes, such as grilled chicken and spicy chicken sandwiches. Those who are hungry can get a family-sized portion of meat for the table. If you prefer your drinks to be more authentic, the restaurant features a Texas-sized selection of wine.

The restaurant also hosts concerts every month. Whether you want to hear country music, a classic rock band, or an acoustic pop duo, you can find it at the Rustic. Founded by Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz, the venue is open seven days a week and has a fun, relaxed ambiance. With plenty of room to sit down, the restaurant can accommodate up to 1,000 people. However, seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you want to experience a little live music while dining at The Rustic, you can check out the Jam and Toast Brunch. During this event, you can listen to performances by musicians like Jay Bee Zee. Guests can also enjoy a buffet featuring smoked meats, home-style meals, and other savory delights. On Sundays, you can also enjoy brunch in the u-shaped bar.

Those who are looking for a nice place for a dinner date will love the rustic ambiance at The Rustic. Located in Houston, the restaurant is open seven days a week.

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