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TV Guide Houston is a free app that helps you discover new shows and movies, see what's airing and keep up with your favorites. It's the only app with honest reviews, curated recommendations, breaking news, smart recaps, and more that digs deep into your TV obsessions. TV Guide Houston

Search a catalog of hundreds of thousands of titles from your favorite TV providers and streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Showtime, Starz, Tubi, Pluto TV, Apple iTunes, and NBC Peacock. Browse by title or genre to find what you're looking for, and easily jump to the most relevant content.

Get personalized local listings for any provider in North America, including the top primetime series and new season premieres on broadcast and cable. Save favorites to get personalized recommendations, and view your channel lineup at a glance with TV Guide's convenient time jump feature.

Watch your favorites anytime with Quick Watch. Tap on a title to instantly get one-tap links to the best service (subscription, buy, or rent) for watching that show or movie. A glance at upcoming airings, plus reminders 30 minutes before a show or movie you're interested in starts airing, helps you stay up to date with your favorite shows and movies.

PBS member stations are America's largest classroom, the nation's largest stage for the arts, and a trusted window to the world. Support for public television comes from generous contributions, primarily from listeners like you. Broadcast Channel 8.1 KUHT HD features high-quality PBS programming for the whole family, six days a week.