Uber Pricing Disclaimer Requested Attorneys General

uber pricing disclaimer requested attorneys general

Uber Eats has added a new disclosure to its checkout page. The disclaimer informs customers that the prices of dishes on its app may be more expensive than those of the restaurants. This disclaimer will only be available for customers in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. The attorneys general made the change after consumers complained that the hidden costs have increased their costs and hurt neighborhood restaurants. If you're not sure whether to use the app or not, read on to find out how you can make the most of it.

The lawsuit claims that the pricing structure of Uber is not fair to individuals with disabilities. The disclaimer fails to change its policy to accommodate passengers with disabilities. Disabled passengers may need additional time to enter the vehicle, store equipment or walk to the car. It also asks the court to impose civil penalties and monetary damages on the company for violating the ADA. The lawsuit also claims that Uber violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by imposing illegal wait time fees on passengers with disabilities.

Although the agreement requires both companies to agree to arbitrate disputes, it does not mandate a single fixed price. Uber will cap pricing during periods of "abnormal disruptions in the market" and exclude the three highest prices charged on different days. It is expected that Uber will propose similar changes nationwide and apply the new agreement to all its dynamic pricing services. But there is no guarantee that these changes will be enough to curb the alleged illegal behavior of Uber drivers.