January 31, 2023

University Of St Thomas Houston

University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas

The University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas is a university that specializes in Catholic higher education. It is an academically focused school that is known for its commitment to teaching students to think critically and creatively. Students can take advantage of a wide variety of majors, including pre-medical, general studies, humanities, music, and nursing. UST offers an array of student organizations and opportunities to pursue academic success. University Of St Thomas Houston

The university is located in a vibrant urban area of Houston. It has more than 400 students who study a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition to its undergraduate programs, the university offers post-graduate certification programs. The institution's main campus is located in the Montrose district of west Houston.

The University of St Thomas (UST) is a private, Catholic university in Houston. Founded in 1947, the University of St Thomas is the only Catholic university in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Although the university is primarily a Roman Catholic institution, it is open to students of all faiths. UST's student population is diverse and includes at least 25 percent, Hispanic students. As a result, UST is rated as a Hispanic-serving institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

In addition to its strong academic program, the University of St Thomas is also known for its vibrant campus life. Every year in October, the campus holds the Neewollah Party, which is a Halloween costume party that is attended by hundreds of students. Music is played by local bands and DJs.

Students can choose from a number of majors, such as psychology, political science, business, and communications. The University of St Thomas-Houston is home to 1,479 graduate students and 1,968 undergraduate students.

The University of St Thomas-Houston offers a tuition waiver for first-time freshmen with a 3.4 or higher high school GPA. However, the Promise Program is not available to those who are pursuing an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN).

The university is based on the Ex Corde Ecclesiae principles, which include the pursuit of human flourishing and the education of the whole person. This is reflected in the UST Core Curriculum, which incorporates classical liberal arts and aims to create an integrated view of the world. Most of the university's professors are Roman Catholic and each has a mandate from the local bishop.

UST's athletics teams compete in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. These teams are part of Division III of the NCAA. Athletes from the UST are called Celts. Each team has three types of housing. There are two types of student residence halls, and most of them are appropriate for single students.

In addition to its athletic teams, the university offers a number of other programs. The university has an academically focused and friendly faculty. Several students have had successful careers after graduating from UST. During the recent school year, the university accepted 29 new students.

Among its students, the majority are African-American, Asian, and Hispanic. The university offers more than 40 undergraduate majors. The core curriculum of the University of St Thomas includes three Catholic theology courses.

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