January 31, 2023

Westin Galleria Houston

The Westin Galleria Houston in Houston, Texas

The Westin Galleria Houston is one of the city's most iconic landmarks. It's attached to the upscale Galleria shopping mall in Uptown Houston, which boasts hundreds of stores and restaurants. With easy access to downtown Houston, this hotel is an attractive option for both business and leisure travelers. Westin Galleria Houston

The Westin Galleria Houston features 469 guest rooms and suites. These accommodations are complete with luxurious bedding, coffeemakers, free newspapers, irons/ironing boards, and complimentary toiletries. This modern and stylish property offers guests a 24-hour fitness center, a rooftop pool, and direct access to the high-end shops of the Galleria. There are also two meeting spaces available on-site, including a conference room and a business center.

Guests will enjoy the convenience of a restaurant on site. The Daily Grill serves classic American dishes. Also, the Lobby Bar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In addition, the Westin Galleria Houston offers an extensive wedding package, which includes full beverage services, a personal wedding menu tasting, and accommodation for the couple on the wedding night. A Westin Wedding Specialist will make sure every detail is taken care of. Those looking for a memorable ceremony can opt for the Plaza Ballroom, which provides a cozy and romantic setting.

Besides its proximity to the Galleria mall, the Westin Galleria is also nearby several other attractions in Houston. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is less than an hour away, while the Space Center and the Toyota Center are within 40 minutes. Buffalo Bayou Park is five miles from the hotel.

Other amenities at the Westin Galleria include an outdoor pool, a business center, and a bar/lounge. The hotel also offers limo/town car service. You'll find a dedicated event planner who can plan everything from an intimate dinner party to a huge convention. Plus, you'll have access to a variety of ballroom settings, including the La Vista and Monarch ballrooms.

Despite its location, the hotel is a quiet place to stay. However, it's close to numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and offers easy access to the Galleria Mall.

Another plus for the hotel is its connection to The Galleria, the fourth largest shopping center in North America. This is a hub for retailers such as Saks Firth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Macy's. You can even rent workout clothes from New Balance.

The Westin Galleria Houston's onsite restaurant and bar offer excellent options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you're in the mood for American classics or want to enjoy some sushi, you'll find it at the Daily Grill.

With over 70,000 square feet of event space, the Westin Galleria Houston is the perfect location for a wide variety of gatherings. The property also offers a WestinWORKOUT(r) Fitness Studio with a large array of workout equipment. Located on the 24th floor, the club lounge features a conference room, food and beverage options, and comfortable social seating.

As an added perk, guests of the Westin Galleria Houston can stay in a suite that features a wet bar and mini-fridge. If you're traveling with kids, the Westin Galleria offers a daily children's buffet and a kids' play area.

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