What is Slander Per Se?

what is slander per se

If you are wondering what is slander per se, then read this article. It will answer the most common question - what is slander? Slander is a form of defamation in which the person who made the statement accuses you of doing something that is morally wrong or untrue. In this article, we'll discuss how to prove that a statement was true and how to prove a defendant's slander was intentional.  car wreck lawyers in houston

Slander categories vary by state and have evolved over the years. For instance, the chastity category traditionally applied only to statements alleging that a woman was unchaste. However, the federal court ruled that it applies to both genders, and converted the category to cover statements of serious sexual misconduct. Now, in order to prove that a statement is defamatory, it must show that the statement was untrue, caused mental anguish, or resulted in a loss of reputation.

Defamation can occur through written statements, videos, and pictures. Before modern media, defamation was restricted to spoken speech, such as gossip. Slander is more transitory. It involves defamatory statements or actions that are intended to harm someone's reputation, and is more likely to occur verbally. Defamation can happen by anyone, whether it is an employee, a friend, or a stranger.