January 20, 2023

What Services Does Houston Food Bank Offer?

What Services Does Houston Food Bank Offer?

In the spirit of helping the community in need, the Houston Food Bank aims to do the right things with the right people at the right time. They do this through a multitude of programs and services from health education to nutrition and job training. Some of the most interesting are the programs that provide food and basic necessities to those in need. The largest is the Senior Box Program, which benefits over 11,000 seniors in the greater Houston area. Another is the burgeoning Apple Corps, a group of dedicated student volunteers ages 16 to 18 who will spend several weeks in a row putting their skills to work. Those who are lucky enough to get a coveted spot are treated to a tour of the company's headquarters and its various food distribution centers. What Services Does Houston Food Bank Offer?

Aside from distributing food, the Houston Food Bank is also at the forefront of efforts to stomp the roaches and pigeons using the right tools and the right people. Its flagship warehouse at 535 Portwall Street houses some of the most palatable perishables in Texas. Other notable achievements include its laudable community assistance program, which provides application assistance to help clients secure state-funded social services and access to food. Not to be overlooked is the organization's culinary program, which demonstrates a commitment to food and healthy food choices by offering a wide range of nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages for the community.

To learn more about the organization's many programs and services, contact the Community Assistance Center at (713) 945-3217. The staff is a wealth of knowledge and willing to offer advice and recommendations. You can also find out about Houston Food Bank's latest initiatives in their newsletter. The organization has a store at the aforementioned port wall street headquarters. There's always something going on at this location. Whether you're a first-time volunteer or a longtime veteran, you'll be sure to find a fit for you. This isn't to mention the plethora of philanthropic programs and volunteer opportunities that aren't on the official schedule. If you're in the market for some free or low-cost help, be sure to call the Food Bank today.

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