December 27, 2021

Will broadcasters remove false statements?

When you work in the media, maintaining your good reputation is vital. When an organization makes false statements in a broadcast, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to correct the record

The Texas Legislature says that broadcasters are usually not liable for the false information put forth as part of their programming.

You typically have to demonstrate that people did not take the necessary steps to ensure that all the information was accurate. However, a broadcaster may sometimes agree to remove or clarify a false statement.

How can you handle false information?

There are several ways you may protect your reputation. You could ask the broadcaster to retract the information. If only a portion of the statement was false, you could request that the organization either clarify or correct the statement.

If you choose to pursue this option, you usually have a limited amount of time to act. In Texas, either you or your representative has to contact the broadcaster within 90 days of learning about the defamatory statement. If you do not reach out within this time period, you may not be able to take other actions.

How do you make this request?

If you want a broadcaster to retract or clarify information, you generally have to contact the organization in writing. The written statement has to contain either your signature or your representative's.

Additionally, it should clearly explain which information was false. You could refer to the date of the broadcast and the name of the person who delivered the statement. You should also explain why the statement is wrong and damaging to your reputation.

If a broadcaster does not issue the retraction or correction, you may need to pursue other measures to protect your reputation.

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