Best Houston Truck Accident Lawyer


You need the best Houston truck accident lawyer to protect your rights in court. You need a lawyer who understands the intricacies of commercial truck accidents, because these claims often go beyond the usual personal injury settlement. There are many factors that can come into play. For instance, truck accidents typically involve more than one vehicle, and the fault of a commercial truck driver can vary widely. An attorney who is board-certified in personal injury law is an excellent choice, as he is dedicated to your case.

Experience is a key factor when looking for a Houston truck accident lawyer. An experienced attorney knows how to document claims and negotiate with the opposing party. You don't want to take chances on an unproven personal injury attorney - you'd rather hire a proven truck accident lawyer who has helped clients recover millions. The best Houston truck accident lawyer will be able to provide you with personalized service and will not charge until you've seen results.

Punitive damages in Texas are rarely awarded in truck accidents. These are only awarded for the most outrageous examples of misconduct or negligence. Punitive damages are capped at $200,000 - but they can still exceed two times economic damages plus non-economic costs if they're awarded. You should also know that other damages caps apply - these apply to claims against government entities, licensed medical providers, and workers' compensation. A Houston truck accident attorney can calculate the potential damages you may be entitled to and provide you with an idea of what the potential settlement might be worth.

After reviewing the qualifications of a prospective attorney, you should contact them. You can request a free consultation with a former client or ask to speak with a supervisor to learn more about their case. Ask them to provide you with a list of references. You can also call them back if you have any questions. It's a good idea to talk to at least three former clients to see if they've had similar experiences with yours.

While you may be able to win on your own, you need to find an attorney who has extensive experience in handling truck accidents. A truck accident attorney must be well-established and trusted by clients and peers alike. You should look for an attorney with a good professional reputation, awards from other attorneys, and positive client reviews. In addition, you should check out the firm's website and client testimonials. Then, make sure to hire the best Houston truck accident lawyer to handle your case.

In addition to a Texas truck accident attorney, you should contact the DMV or the police as soon as possible after the collision. You should also file a police report. You should keep all documentation related to your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. It is best to keep all this paperwork in a file folder that includes pockets to place your receipts, invoices, medical records, insurance information, and so on. Even your insurance information will come in handy.