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Not only is the office immaculate. This is the best Law Firm I have used hands-down and I’ve had a few cases in the past. In the past, I’ve felt left in the dark and had cases that should take a year or two to go on for years to be left with a penny. Not with this law firm. Every question I had was answered. Working with My lawyer Chuck was the first time I felt confident in a lawyer. He was honest about everything from the jump, and he worked very quickly. I didn’t even know that was possible to find a lawyer. Every question I ever had was answered, however, he was so upfront and informative that I rarely had any concerns. I’ve never felt that with a law firm before. If I can give him 6 stars. I would give him 6 stars. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. You have changed my life for the better. Needless to say I do recommend this law firm.

Latrisha McVay

When I found myself in a situation where I needed an attorney, it took me a long time to accept that I needed help. My injury was traumatic, and it altered the course of my life. Finding an attorney became a necessity, but I also know my high level of anxiety would mean I would need to both be vulnerable and trust. Working with Rose Sanders Law Firm turned out to be a fantastic decision. I felt heard even when I was upset, hurting, and confused. That says a lot for a law firm. If you need guidance through your difficulties, you can trust Rose Sanders Law Firm.


THIS IS THE FIRST LAWYER THAT ACTUALLY CALLS AND TELLS YOU EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR CASE WITH CONSISTENCY! Mr. Sanders helped me with my case as I am a Truck Operator. Super reliable guy! Thank you Mr. Charles Sanders.

Christian Alexander V.

Attorney Charles helped me with my claim. He is the best, great sense of humor also very professional. His secretary was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this young man and his staff Thank you from the bottom of my heart. They also were very knowledgeable in claims and accidents it didn’t take long for him to settle my claim.

Shiela F.

I had the privilege of being represented by Mr. Sanders with the Rose Sanders Law firm in an accident case where the other driver was not insured and rear-ended my truck at a red light. Chuck handled the case professionally and in a timely manner. I highly recommend him and his outstanding team. Thank you.

Bryan P.

Great law firm, Charles was a real hustler and go-getter. Really cared about my experience and fought hard to get me compensation.

Ashely T.

I contacted Mr. Sanders of the Rose Sanders Law Firm following an auto accident. I was concerned because I had a lot of pain in my left shoulder and did not know how to navigate the system. My health insurance has a high deductible and I was afraid I would have to use it to treat my injury. Charles and his staff at the firm immediately researched my case and I was able to see an excellent physician two days later. There was no out of pocket cost to me , which was a relief. Charles has a very well run practice and even answers the phone himself. If you are looking for good customer service, this is the firm and Charles is your man for the job.

Past Client

When I got the opportunity of a lifetime to sign a recording contact I knew I needed representation to help negotiate the terms of this contract. I found Erica and The Rose Sanders Law Firm. She is the only attorney in Texas with a LLM in media and entertainment law. I knew it was a great match for me. I hired her and she negotiated the terms of the contract and I got the percentage that I deserved. Thank you Erica and Rose Sanders Law Firm.

Jerome W.

Rose Sanders law is the best! Erica and Charles always go above and beyond for their clients. Charles and Erica form a formidable and tenacious dynamic duo in and out of the courtroom. They helped me out with my car accident and divorce case. As for my case, they proved that I was not at fault despite the accident report stating otherwise. As for my divorce case, they were able to provide sound legal and emotional support during the most stressful time of my life. They were always a phone call or text message away when I needed them. In the end, Charles and Erica got my divorce settled through mediation. I would highly recommend Rose Sanders Law for anyone with personal injury or family law needs. Thanks, Erica and Charles!

Past Client

Erica and Charles should be everyone’s go-to lawyers. They are honest, ethical, and hardworking. They will get you results no matter what your needs or goals are. Erica and Charles understand the ins and outs of the Texas courts and will help guide their clients through the complexities of the legal world. With Erica and Charles on your side, you’ll know that your legal issues are being taken care of.

Michael R.

My name is Carroll and I hired The Rose Sanders Law Firm because I had a truck accident. It must have been my lucky day when I picked up the phone and called because Charles and Erica went above and beyond for me. My case was settled recently and it was a life-changing settlement. Thank you to Rose Sanders Law from the bottom of my heart.

Carrol W.

I hired Charles and Erica when I suffered severe burns at my workplace. I was very happy with Charles’s and Erica’s representation. They were both prompt, diligent, and compassionate. In the end, I was happy with Charles and Erica’s representation of me and the settlement that they got for me. I highly recommend The Rose Sanders Law Firm for any personal injury matter.

Chloe D.

I love this law firm! Erica and Charles handled my divorce with relative ease. They were prompt and diligent in their communication with me and got my divorce resolved faster than I expected. I was very happy with the results. To top it off, my brother got in a car accident a few months ago. I was so glad to hear that Charles also handles car accident cases. So I referred my brother to Charles to represent and handle his accident claim. I know that my brother will be as happy with Charles as I was. I highly recommend the Rose Sanders Law Firm to anyone needing a family or car accident attorney.

Andrea G.

My commercial wreck was referred to the Rose Sanders Law Firm. Mr. Sanders handled my case. I was so impressed with his easy going personality and professionalism. He is an up and coming attorney that really knows this business. Charles always took my calls and was great at keeping me informed on what was happening. I recommend the Rose Sanders Law Firm to anyone needing representation.

Melanie R.

Erica and Charles are absolute terrors to insurance companies. They helped me get the maximum out of my settlement after my car accident. What stands out the most about them is their compassion and integrity.

Sandy R.

5-star service. Fast settlement. Charles and Erica genuinely care. I received weekly calls from Charles during my rehabilitation and therapy stages simply to check on my well being. I walked away with my settlement money 5 months after the accident. They were all very helpful. I highly recommend this firm.

Amanda D.

The Rose Sanders Law FIrm is a top-notch personal injury and family law firm. Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Rose form a formidable dynamic duo both in and out of court. They provided sound legal advice and legal representation in my car accident case. I was very happy with my settlement. They also represented me during my divorce and child custody battle. I highly recommend the Rose Sanders Law Firm to anyone who gets seriously injured in an accident or is going through a divorce or child custody battle.

Past Client

I hired Mrs. Erica Rose to handle my divorce. My ex-wife was being very difficult on me. In addition to her infidelity and trying to say that I was violent. She filed a protective order against me. Luckily, Erica was there to save the day, she was able to get the judge to not issue the order. I was so happy. Also, she was able to quickly get a resolution in my divorce case relatively quickly. I got the fair share of the community property and I got primary custody of our daughter. My ex-wife now has to pay me child support. Thank you, Erica!

Past Client

Erica handled my child custody case. My children's mother was trying to take them away. She even filed a false protective order. Luckily, Erica came to the rescue. She dominated at my mediation and got my child custody resolved at the mediation. I highly recommend Erica Rose for any child custody case.

Past Client

Erica is a great attorney. She understands the stress and raw emotions that a person going through a child custody battle feels. This was very comforting to me. She did a great job representing me throughout my child custody case. She really cared about my daughter's best interests. Erica is a caring and compassionate woman and a great attorney. I would give six stars if I could.

Past Client

My accident was in August 2019. I called Charles and he immediately had someone at my home that evening. They sent me and my family to the Doctor. Charles stayed on top of things throughout the whole process. 5 months later, Charles called me and told me that he was able to settle it without filing a lawsuit. He was quick to take care of us!

Amanda D.

I was in a Car Accident. I was referred to Rose Sanders Law and Charles Sanders handled my car accident case. Let me start by saying that aside from Charles being an unbelievably amazing attorney, he is a great person and I dare say, friend. From the time he accepted my case through it all I have felt that Charles and his staff have had my well-being foremost in their minds. I have been through a very trying time through it all but they have been there for my family and I like family themselves. Charles is a larger-than-life figure in person until you get to know him. He is caring and thoughtful in ways that are surprising and unexpected. Charles has done more for us than just representing me through my case. Charles and everyone on his staff is excellent at their jobs and compassionate beyond just their professionalism which is in itself above and beyond that of their peers. Thank you, Charles and everyone, I really appreciate all you have done for my family and me.

Albert Y.

It is a company that from the beginning tells you what to expect and step by step what to expect, as well as any questions or queries you have to call and they will always assist you!

Darryl S.

As a client with past back and neck issues, the thought of re-injuring my back and neck in a Car Accident or an 18-Wheeler accident was terrifying. Just my luck, I got in an 18-Wheeler Accident. My back was even worse than usual. I explained my back issues to Mr. Sanders at our initial consultation. He explained to me that he would do whatever it takes to get me the best treatment available to both get my back healthy again and help my accident case. Luckily, Charles found me the right physicians and I started treatment immediately for my 18-Wheeler Accident. Today, I just found out that I got a great settlement offer on my 18-Wheeler Accident. I’m going to accept the 18-wheeler accident settlement. I got to call Charles and tell him that I will accept the 18-wheeler accident settlement.

Anthony J.

After I was in a ride-sharing accident, The Rose Sanders Law Firm was the perfect law firm for me. They helped me with my pain and sent me to a well-esteemed physical therapist and after a couple months I was better. They paid for everything and I still received a great settlement!! Everything was very easy and over the phone, I never had to step in their office once. Charles and Erica were very helpful and were always available for any questions I had on my claim, and were responsive in a timely manner.

Holly S.

Our lives are still incomplete. When Jimmy died a piece of us died with him. Thank God however Charles was able to get us justice. Charles held them accountable for what they did to him. Thank you Charles from the Spencer family. We will always have a place in our hearts for you. If you need a Houston Wrongful Death Attorney call Rose Sanders Law Firm!

Mary S.


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